Crazy Money! The Gift of an Uncle’s Saving Account

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Danielle Cappolla never understood why her uncle didn’t give her gifts at holidays. He would tell her that he deposited her present in a savings account. He tried to explain, but she couldn’t grasp the concept. She simply couldn’t understand what an invisible really gift was. Over the years, their conversations about money and savings became familiar and grew to be more valuable. When Danielle graduated college, her uncle surprised her with the bank book of money that he had saved over her 22 years of life. It meant more than all the toys he could have ever purchased. She learned how modest deposits can add up and become more valuable. As she says, “This was tangible evidence that patience and consistency with money can yield a positive outcome.” It confirms Proverbs 21:5 which says, “Steady plodding brings prosperity; hasty speculation brings poverty.”

We had neighbors who told us that they were going to start buying stock for their grandchildren. They were sick of purchasing toys that only entertained for a few hours, days, or weeks. They knew that stock could appreciate in value and provide more in the long run. If interest rates continue to rise, even CDs could be a better investment that the latest toy on the market. Toys come and go but the Word of God lasts forever. The gift of a book or a Bible that shares the gospel story will introduce or reinforce lessons that impact eternity. So, be intentional in your gift-giving. Like Danielle’s uncle, you can make a lasting difference in someone’s life! 

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