Crazy Money! Gold Coins Found Under Floorboards

It’s Crazy Money Day!

When renovating your home, be sure to look for hidden treasure. Homeowners in Northern England thought they found a piece of electrical cable under kitchen floorboards while fixing up their 18th-century home. To their surprise, it was a gold coin with hundreds more beneath it. The coins dated back to 1610. They were originally thought to be worth around $200,000 but sold at auction for $850,000! One mint error coin had two tails, no head, and sold for $73,000. Now, not all home renovations have such a happy ending. When planning to fix up your house, set aside funds for unexpected costs.

Bob Vila says there are common hidden costs in home remodels. A friend of mine was adding onto their house when a major sinkhole was discovered. Loads of concrete were required just to fill it in. In today’s environment, experts say that delays getting materials will add months to the time to complete a job. Our neighbors estimated that in a worst-case scenario their project would be completed in 7 months. They’re now 10 months into it, and my guess is that they have two more months to go. The old adage is correct. Double the amount of time you think it will take to complete a job. Doing repairs and regular maintenance protects the value of your home, but carefully budget for renovations and don’t overbuild for your neighborhood. And if you don’t have the cash, prepare like the wise ant. Save the money in advance, then proceed, and keep your eye out for hidden treasure! 

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