Crazy Money Day! Working Overtime

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Have you ever had the chance to earn overtime pay? One man did and it sure paid off! In 2015, a janitor at the Bay Area Rapid Transit station grossed $235,000. That was 4 times more than his base pay. Records show that over a 3-year period, he received a total of $682,000 in pay and benefits. He worked almost every day of the year, earning lots of overtime hours. Now that’s crazy! I hope he rested well on the days he didn’t work and enjoyed some good vacations. When the Fair Labor Standards Act was adopted in 1937, 40 hours a week became standard for many working people, but talk to entrepreneurs and they’ll tell you they work a lot more than that.

I wonder how your budget would be impacted if you worked an extra few hours every week? You could pay down your credit card bill, student loans, or automobile loans. How about growing an emergency fund, saving for the down payment on a house, or building your retirement fund? Many people settle for mediocrity. They don’t know the satisfaction that comes from working hard and reaping the financial benefits. They want their free time but fail to realize that often that’s when money gets squandered – unless they’ve learned self-discipline. Overtime pay provides more money, could help advance your career, and pay better than a second job. It does mean you need to rest well in your off hours, to limit stress, and to avoid burn-out.

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