Crazy Money Day! Generous Alabama Farmer

It’s Crazy Money Day!

Near the end of his life, 80-year-old Hody Childress decided it was time to tell his daughter Tonya a secret, but first, she had to do him a favor: deliver an envelope with $100 to the local drug store. He then proceeded to tell her that in 2012, he found out that people struggled to pay for their medications. So, he walked to the drugstore and gave $100 to Brooke Walker. She’s the owner, manager, and pharmacist of Geraldine Drugs in Geraldine, Alabama. He told her not to tell anyone who the money came from and said, “If they ask, tell them it’s a blessing from God.” She kept the money in an envelope thinking it was a one-time donation, but he returned the next month, and the next, and the next. So she opened an account to track all the donations he made over the years.

Hody Childress was a kind, humble man of modest means whose fund grew into thousands of dollars. He trusted Brooke and didn’t want to know who she helped with the donations. Sometimes recipients cried and later returned to pay it forward. Brooke said, “Hody was not just a good man. He was a great man. I wish I’d told him how much he meant to me…how much his actions and faith affected my life… and how blessed I was to know him.” Hody entered the presence of the Lord on January 1st. He never sought fame in his giving. His example taught others that it truly is more blessed to give than to receive. Now, friends and family are committed to keeping that fund going. What a crazy, beautiful story of generosity!

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