Best Car Resale Colors

What color is your car?

The first car I owned was beige. My wife’s first car was baby blue. Over the years, we’ve owned different colored cars. Did you know that 25% of America’s cars, trucks, and SUVs are white, followed closely by black, gray, and silver? did a study of over 2 million used vehicle transactions. They found that color impacts resale value in certain circumstances. Vehicles painted yellow depreciate far less than other colors. It’s an uncommon color that’s normally just used for sports cars, convertibles, and a few SUVs that already tend to hold their value. White, black, red, and gray are the most common car colors and tend to depreciate at near-average rates. You might find a good deal on a gold, beige, or purple vehicle because they typically have depressed resale values.

It’s important to find a used car that will retain its value, but don’t seek your identity in a car. My wife has a Bible study friend whose family is here for one year before returning to their mission work in Asia. They needed a reliable car that would serve them for just one year. Color didn’t matter. They bought one with well over 200,000 miles that had worn tires. She was delighted when a tire dealer found her some used replacement tires for just $200. All believers are called to a mission. Sure, a good used car color is important, but remember, we’re just passing through and we have more important things to accomplish. 

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