Be Honest on Your Tax Return

Are you tempted to cheat on your tax return?

A 2021 survey by the IRS revealed that 87% of people said it was not acceptable to cheat on income taxes. Unfortunately, many still try. Here are some of the most common ways dishonest people try to reduce their tax bill. Failing to report all taxable income. Some don’t report cash payments, tips, or gambling winnings. Falsifying expenses or deductions. Some intentionally overvalue charitable deductions or take improper deductions for volunteer work. Claiming dependents who don’t exist or aren’t theirs. I think I’ve heard them all! Thankfully, most American taxpayers are motivated to be honest with the IRS. The greatest influence was not fear of an audit but a commitment to maintain their personal integrity. Proverbs 22:1 says, “A Good name is more desirable than great riches.”  Think about how much better off you are just to be honest.

As Christians, we should never struggle to determine if we’re going to be honest in any financial matter. Always file your returns. Always tell the truth. Always pay what you owe. Any compromise on those values will damage your conscience, your name, and reflect poorly on the body of Christ. Taxes help fund all levels of government. We may not agree with how the money is spent. However, as disciples of Christ, we can follow His urging to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. It’s tax season, so file with absolute honesty. Sleep well at night and thank God for the riches of having a good name.  

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