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Responding to Loss

How God’s people respond to a financial loss should be very different than how the world responds to a loss. We learn a lot about ourselves when it happens. Today, Crown’ founder, the late Larry Burkett, tells the story of a successful real estate developer who lost everything during an economic downturn in the 70’s. […]

Crazy Money! Golf Pro Scottie Scheffler

It’s Crazy Money Day! It’s been said that Scottie Scheffler had a perfect golf swing at the age of 5. Early in the mornings, before sunrise, young Scottie and his 3 sisters would get up to hit golf balls while their dad held a flashlight. When the family moved to Highland Park, Texas, Scottie continued […]

Crazy Money! Coach Griff Aldrich’s Priorities

It’s Crazy Money Day! Griff Aldrich had a successful career in law and private equity, but loved basketball.  He founded “HIS Hoops” – a youth program in Houston’s Third Ward, one of the poorest in the city. Aldrich was a consistent father figure in the lives of kids who came after school for reading, math, […]

St. Patrick’s Day

How do you hope to be remembered? Today is St. Patrick’s Day. What do you remember about him? He was kidnapped from his home in Wales by Irish raiders and then sold into slavery. There, he was forced to pasture a herd of pigs. Out in the fields, he called upon the Lord and became […]

Savings Day – Budget Coach Testimony

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer to get into shape?  Good trainers know how to help by encouraging and challenging in specific areas, and when we listen, and apply what they tell us, we’ll see results. Now we at Crown care about your relationship with the Lord and your stewardship of all that […]

Crazy Money Day – Irish and Choctaw Generosity

It’s Crazy Money Day! I have American Indian blood, so this story is very meaningful to me. In 1847, the Choctaw Nation learned of the Irish potato famine. They wanted to help, so they sent $170 to their aid. This year, Coronavirus hit the Navajo and Hopi tribes hard. They’ve had thousands of positive cases […]


What do you actually own? The Bible teaches that God owns everything. Absolutely everything! I once met a man who appeared on the Forbes 400 richest people in Asia. Then he lost it all. He told me, “I’d been a real estate developer worth over a billion dollars, but I wanted more. I became greedy, […]

Five Decisions To Improve Your Finances

A few years ago, I made a New Year’s Resolution to only drink water. That’s right – no coffee, tea, juice, or soda. And 4 years later, I’m still going strong! My decision to only drink water was a little thing that had a big impact on my life. It saved me money, improved my […]