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Giving to Those in Need

  Have you experienced the joy of giving to others in need? There’s nothing like it! On a recent trip to Africa, I witnessed the joy of handicapped men and women who had been taught how to farm… Ostracized and without hope, they gained dignity in learning how to work for their food. Generosity of […]

Is Gambling Wrong?

  Is gambling a sin? Well the Bible doesn’t say, “Thou shalt not gamble”. But it’s certainly not the way God ever intended for us to use or make money. The problem with gambling are the motives behind it – first, in order for you to win, someone else has to lose. Instead, as Christians […]

Who We Are As Stewards

  Have you ever given your kids money so they could run an errand for you? It’s a funny concept, but this is how God wants us to think about our money!   You’d probably be kind of upset if your child took the cash you gave them to run to the grocery store, but […]

Lights of the World

  Jesus told us to be the light of the world…..but did you ever consider that the kind of light bulbs you buy may help you fulfill this mission?! Well, when Jesus said, “You are the light of the world” in His Sermon on the Mount He obviously meant that we as Christians should be spiritual […]

How Much Labor Does an Item Cost?

Ever thought about how many hours you have to work in order spend money? This is one of my favorite ways to control my spending. It’s also a great lesson for your kids to learn! Think about how much you earn an hour, and – if you are salaried – just calculate your average hourly rate. Now, […]

Stewarding Your Time

  Stewarding your time is just as important as stewarding your money. And they usually go hand-in-hand! Time is a gift of God! He entrusts 24 hours every day to each of us and gives us the freedom to decide how we are going to use them.  What we do with our time influences our […]

Trusting God

  What if a stranger promised they’d give you $10,000? Would you trust them? Well, probably not! You could check them out on Facebook or Google their name as much as you want, but you’d still doubt them unless they actually delivered the $10,000… Why then is it so hard for us to trust God […]

True Financial Freedom

  Financial freedom is not just about being debt free and having some money in the bank.  It’s a condition of the heart. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6, that wherever our money is, that is where our heart will be also. If you desire to become a more cheerful giver, start giving – and […]

Investing to Further the Kingdom

  Should Christians have investments?  Yes, absolutely! God expects multiplication, not just maintenance. Investing furthers God’s work. The more you have, the more you can give. It also helps us provide for our families and plan for future needs.  There are also unbiblical reasons to invest, like greed, pride, and envy – so pray about […]

Giving vs Earning

  What’s more Christlike – to GIVE money or MAKE money? Actually – one is not more important than the other — making and giving money are blessings from the Lord and help us fulfill our purpose in His Kingdom. God gave Adam work as a good thing when He created man – it’s a form of […]