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Crazy Money! The Gift of an Uncle’s Saving Account

It’s Crazy Money Day! Danielle Cappolla never understood why her uncle didn’t give her gifts at holidays. He would tell her that he deposited her present in a savings account. He tried to explain, but she couldn’t grasp the concept. She simply couldn’t understand what an invisible really gift was. Over the years, their conversations […]

Crazy Money Day! Art Collection Sells for $1.5 Billion

It’s Crazy Money Day! Microsoft co-founder and art collector, Paul Allen, once said: “… all these works of art are going to outlast you. You’re only a temporary custodian of them.” And he was right! We’re temporary managers of all things in this world. They may outlast us for a while, but one day, they’ll […]

We are Wealthy!

Do you feel wealthy?  A 2012 Fidelity Investment Survey asked their clients what level of investable assets they needed to “feel wealthy”? In other words, how much would it take to feel rich? The answer: “Two times more than we have right now.” All of us are actually lavishly wealthy. We have air conditioning. We […]

Where’s Your Treasure?

Where’s your treasure? My Dad is 89 years old and he plays cards every Friday. Last year he told me about a man who is at the card game every week that buys his wife 1 share of stock for her birthday present. Just 1 share of Berkshire Hathaway stock is all she asks for. […]

How Content Are You?

How content are you?  Do you think buying new clothes, furniture, vacation, car or house would make your life better?  Think again. Debt is a deceiver. It enslaves, robs joy, and deprives borrowers of many opportunities. It sets households back financially, adds unnecessary stress, affects sleep and health and causes marital strife. Sadly, it prevents […]

Want a Promotion?

Do you need a promotion? Most people would love a promotion. They don’t want the same job, same pay, and same level of responsibility, but getting promoted isn’t automatic. You have to show that you want it and prove that you deserve it. My friends at Raymond Construction don’t believe in waiting to be offered […]

Giving – First Priority

Are you feeling the tension between giving and saving? Most experts talk only about increasing your savings, not your giving. Yet, the Bible clearly instructs us to make giving our top financial priority. Proverbs 3:9-10 says, “Honor the Lord with your possessions, and with the first fruits of all your increase; so your barns will […]

Following God, Whatever the Cost

Are you following God’s financial principles or your financial principles? We have to determine to follow God’s way whatever the cost. That mindset will prepare us for days when our old, sinful nature tries to surface and take control. In Christ, we have the strength to resist our natural impulses and the grace to live […]

Determine to Follow God

Are you determined to follow God? There is a cost to following the Lord and choosing to live His way. Sometimes, it’s a matter of breaking sinful habits and embracing those that bring Him glory. We do this by intentionally designing good financial habits into our lives while designing the bad ones out. The Bible […]

Reduce Your Financial Stress

Financial stress got you down? A Gallup poll found that 20% of those surveyed report having a great life. They’re fulfilled by their work, live in great communities, have good physical health, have loved ones they can turn to for help, and have very low financial stress. Financial stress impacts health and relationships. It’s linked […]