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A Budget Built For Two

If you’ve spent years accumulating debt, getting your finances under control will likely require sacrifice from both husband and wife. That might mean selling a car, postponing a big purchase or even downsizing your home. Today, Crown’s founder, the Larry Burkett, talks about a young husband whose plan for cutbacks in the “Entertainment” category of […]

Comparison Robs Contentment

Do you struggle being content? When it comes to finances, contentment does not mean complacency. Complacency means that I have a problem and I suffer through it with a good attitude. Contentment, on the other hand, means I know that I’m in the center of God’s will. I change the things I can. The things […]

Discipline In Handling Finances

Do you lack discipline in handling your finances?  Years ago, I met a business executive who earned nearly $200,000 a year, yet was constantly under financial stress. His salary would be double that today. The irony of the situation is that he had an undergraduate degree in accounting, a master’s in business administration and he […]

True Self-Fulfillment

Self-fulfillment is not achieved through self-fulfillment.  All of us want to live a fulfilling life and seek to achieve that in a number of different ways. Many try to make lots of money, others want to be famous, some want political power, while some just want to be left alone and do their own thing.  […]

Give Like The Macedonians

Giving is an opportunity to partner in the work of the Lord. God owns everything and He invites us to join Him in sharing what He provides. Generosity proves that faith and our finances are inseparable. We worship the God who multiplied the fish and the loaves. He can certainly do the same with what […]

Financial Freedom

Happy 4th of July! I have fond memories of a neighborhood parade we started years ago. It was a time to celebrate our freedom dressed in red, white, and blue. Children rode decorated bikes, walked their dress-up dogs and waved flags to cheering neighbors. Unfortunately, many do not know the joy of financial freedom. Do […]

Resolve to Stop Borrowing

Do you have debt and are you living paycheck-to-paycheck? Many people are experiencing economic turmoil. Let me encourage you. There’s a way out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. It boils down to 4 words: resolve to stop borrowing. Scripture clearly indicates that borrowing is not God’s plan for His people. It was never intended to be […]

Prepping Students for Financial Independence

Is your college student prepared to handle finances?  College is often the first-time young people are in control of their finances. Unfortunately, many are unprepared. Here’s how you can help. Create a reasonable budget together. Emphasize the dangers of credit cards and how using cash reduces frivolous spending. They may like the envelope system. TikTokers even […]

Control Your Spending Level

Have you ever thought, “Man, if I could just earn a little more money, life would sure be a lot easier. I could save more, give more, and our finances wouldn’t be so tight all the time. Well, actually, most people have said that at one time or the other. Some go so far as […]

What To Do With Foreign Currency

Have you collected any foreign currency? I’ve accumulated currency from traveling throughout various countries. I doubt that any is really collectible or even valuable. It was cheaper to hold onto it than paying exchange rates at the airport. Now there are several things you can do with foreign currency. If you think coins have some […]