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Do You Tithe?

I believe in tithing. Do you? A number of places in the Old and New Testaments make reference to giving a tenth to the work of the Lord. The number of people who actually give 10% or more of their gross annual income to the church is hard to determine, but I can tell you […]

Which God Do You Worship?

Has money become a god in your life? Before you say “No”, I want you to think about it. In Luke 16 and Matthew 6, Jesus refers to Mammon. It’s an Aramaic word that usually means “money” but can also mean “wealth”. Jacques Ellul, the famed French philosopher, said “…here Jesus personifies money and considers […]

Four Biblical Principles for Borrowing

Do you need to borrow some money? Although borrowing is not prohibited, the Bible includes many warnings about its danger and misuse. If you must borrow money, here are 4 Biblical principles. First, avoid borrowing unless absolutely necessary. Borrowing should not be a way of life but the exception. You should borrow money only if […]

Crazy Money! $10,000 Luxury Suitcase

It’s Crazy Money Day! During my years with Crown, I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve gone through numerous suitcases and recently learned about a new model: It’s a 12-bottle wine suitcase. It comes with padded cushions of varied thicknesses to protect the contents. It can be stabilized when opened with two retractable feet that lock at […]

Be Encouraged! Wisdom to Handle Finances

Do you need financial help? When facing problems, it’s tempting to seek the help of family, friends, or programs, but we should first seek God’s wisdom. It unlocks all the doors. God’s Word says that if we trust Him and ask for it,  He’ll give us wisdom liberally and without reproach, but can God’s wisdom […]

Crazy Money Day! Generous Alabama Farmer

It’s Crazy Money Day! Near the end of his life, 80-year-old Hody Childress decided it was time to tell his daughter Tonya a secret, but first, she had to do him a favor: deliver an envelope with $100 to the local drug store. He then proceeded to tell her that in 2012, he found out […]

Life is About More Than Earthly Possessions

Who do you truly follow? Today, people around the world follow social media posts. We’re easily influenced by Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook. We seek the admiration and acceptance of the world and end up spending like others – burdened with debt. Our foolish desires lead us astray. Paul said in   1 […]

Expectations vs. Encouragement

Do you speak words of encouragement to your children? Or do they feel unable to meet your expectations?  Sometimes we act as if we need to validate ourselves through our children. If we’re elevated spiritually by their achievements, then we’re also demoralized by their failures. Now, this shouldn’t be. Our identity should be in Christ, […]

Living in the Light

Jesus never said having money or material possessions was wrong, but how they’re used can reveal symptoms of real problems. Jesus warned us to live in the light: to guard our hearts against greed, covetousness, and pride. Those are tools that Satan uses to control and manipulate the world. It makes you the focus of […]

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