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Cut Your Grocery Bill

  It’s Build Your Savings Day! Try cutting your grocery bill! You may literally be eating your savings if you do any of the following: • Eat out frequently  • Shop without a list • Shop multiple times each week • Don’t have a grocery budget Now you may be asking yourself, “What’s the big […]

$120,000 Mistake

It’s Crazy Money Day! When $120,000 mistakenly showed up in the Williams’ account, they went nuts! They first bought an SUV, four-wheelers, a camper and kept spending until it was gone. But, instead of finding happiness, they found themselves in court. Failing to attach someone’s personal loss to the error, their greed took over. Assuming […]

Are You Economically Attractive?

Could finances be holding you back from marriage? Are you economically attractive? A study in the journal of Marriage and Family suggests that declining marriage rates could be due to a shortage of economically attractive partners. Evidently, there’s a shortage of marriageable men – those with good incomes and stable jobs. 40% of never-married adults […]


Do you try to live within your means or do you rely on credit? Credit’s an idol for many Christians. People put their trust in it and seek contentment in the use of it without thinking of the long-term consequences. Jesus said, No one can serve two masters, either you’ll hate the one and love […]

Define Your Goals

You’re a manager of God’s stuff. Do you know what’s required of you? ALL managers need goals. If you’re married, you have to adopt common goals – but it takes teamwork and lots of practice. I’ve been married 40 years, and I’ve learned a lot through failure. It wasn’t easy, but I learned that what […]

The “Money Test”

When you were in school, were you ever surprised by a test you hadn’t prepared for? I believe God gives each of us a “Money Test.” He advances resources to us and will demand an accounting of how we use them. We’ll answer to whether we used the money he provided for our own interests […]

Characteristics of a Faithful Steward

What are the characteristics of a good steward? Someone who budgets, saves, recycles? Shops at Goodwill or is one of those extreme couponers? It’s actually much simpler! A good steward is someone who doesn’t see their own life, money, and possessions as their own. A faithful steward knows that everything they have belongs to God […]

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