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Medical Debt – Part 2

Medical debt is rising. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, medical collections appear on 43 million credit reports. They account for $88 billion in medical debt. Yet research shows that medical debt does not predict a person’s credit risk. In fact, beginning July 1, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion will no longer include medical debt that […]

Seasons and Financial Resolve

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) A new year inspires me and provides the opportunity to start fresh. Maybe you feel the same way. Here are 7 tips from with my commentary on how to make good financial resolutions. Pick one thing. Don’t […]

Sugar, Discipline and Financial Goals

Needing some self-control to manage your money? Years ago, I was frustrated with my physical condition. I knew I could do better with a little discipline. So, one January 1st, I resolved to eliminate all sugar from my diet: no desserts, no candy, and no sweeteners in my coffee. I learned to say no to […]

4 Money Mistakes: #3 – Failing to Schedule Expenses

Four money mistakes can affect your financial health. This week, I’ve addressed the problems of a get-rich-quick mentality and failing to listen to your spouse. Mistake #3 is failing to schedule for unexpected expenses. You are planning a financial disaster if you fail to plan for the unpredictable. These are things that haven’t come due […]

Financial Stress of Military Families

Military families face many challenges. An annual military family lifestyle survey conducted by Blue Star Families found that the service members and their spouses rank financial stress as their greatest concern, even over deployment. Many don’t pay their bills on time and some have debts in collection. Childcare costs and relocation expenses make it extra […]

Savings Day – Unexpected Expenses

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Last month my youngest stopped in at a local automotive service chain. He told them his car was making an odd noise and asked if they would analyze it. $800 dollars later, he drove off with new brake pads, rotors, and a wheel bearing but the noise was gone! Do […]

Costs of Moving

Are you planning to move? Many Americans are trading city life for suburbs, self-reliance, and off-grid living. They’re seeking peace and moving to find it. Moving costs lots of money. Packing supplies, a moving truck, moving insurance, travel costs, and temporary housing all add up. Weigh the costs of buying versus renting. Even though mortgage […]

Abound in Hope

Are you worried about money? The Coronavirus, one of the most disruptive events in our lifetime, has revealed America’s financial preparedness. Many are frightened, angry, and frustrated. The uncertainty of this time is an opportunity to trust the Lord more than ever before. So live one day at a time, by taking one step at […]

Savings Day – Don’t Presume on the Future

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Are you preparing for your future? 55% of current workers plan to stay on in retirement either full or part-time. However, we can’t presume how long we’ll be able to work, or if we’ll even be physically able to.  A survey of retirees showed that 15% of Americans will have […]

Pray First – Don’t Panic!

Do you have a bill that’s due right now and no way to pay it? Don’t panic! When life gets hard, it’s tempting to run to the fastest, easiest source of help to relieve the pain. Unfortunately, that often worsens the situation. It’s like trying to pull a painful splinter without the proper tool. You […]

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