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Savings Day – Decreased Expenses

It’s Build Your Savings Day!  Some expenses decreased in the midst of the pandemic. Gasoline prices dropped back in April, so my monthly expenditure dropped significantly! We cooked our meals at home which reduced food costs. We have not been traveling or shopping in stores. Reduced spending allows us to increase saving. This is a […]

UPS and FedEx Scams

My wife recently received two strange text messages… The texts were supposedly from UPS tracking a delivery. They asked her to reply YES to accept their terms and data rates. She immediately researched UPS scams and reported this one.  She discovered that FEDEX is also having fraud issues and that fake bank websites are offering […]

Crazy Money Day – $33,000 Cell Phone

It’s Crazy Money Day!  Did you know there’s a $33,000 iPhone? It’s designed with 150 grams of 24-karat gold. Every dollar spent on indulgence is one less that can be used for good. Comparison, coveting, and selfishness prevent us from living God’s way.  Jesus told a parable about a foolish farmer. He wanted to tear […]

Savings Depends on Spending

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Are you ordering your finances God’s way? Saving money happens when you think about how you spend money. It demands self-control and postponing your wants. We don’t naturally gravitate toward sacrifice, but the Apostle Paul said:  “…walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. […]

You Need a Budget

People tell me, “I don’t make enough to have a budget.” I say that’s exactly why you need one. A budget’s simply a tool that puts money to work. It doesn’t limit spending, but it frees you to spend it wisely. Monthly income is broken down into spending categories, that way you can see where adjustments […]

Save By Stocking

How long could you survive on just the food in your home? My wife, Ann keeps our freezer full and pantry stocked. There’s security in being prepared for an emergency. It’s convenient and saves time and money. We buy what we eat and cook mostly from scratch. The nutritional value is higher and the cost […]

Savings Day – Learn to Wait

Recently we’ve all been learning to be more patient and to wait. Waiting’s hard especially when credit cards make it easy not to! The problem is, our waiting muscle grows weak from lack of exercise. We’re not grateful for what we have and we don’t learn to save for the future. More importantly, we miss […]

Crazy Money Day! Too Much House

It’s Crazy Money Day! Last year, 23 homes in the U.S. sold for $50 million or more. Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist says people buy big homes for several reasons.  • They outgrow their small one. • They get a promotion or raise and are convinced they need a larger home. • They want to […]

How To Survive Being Laid Off For 2 Months

I work at a hotel, and my employer had to send me home for the next two months without pay, how do I survive this? I’m so sorry that this is happening to you and thousands of employees right now. Here’s my advice: • Pray – It’s the best antidote to worry, and God recommends […]

Cost of On-Demand Shopping

Remember when on-demand shopping was limited to a phone call for pizza delivery? I do! Today, nearly half of Americans have used an on-demand service. Think Instacart, GrubHub, Postmates, Netflix, or Uber. The Harvard Business Review reports that the on-demand economy is a $58-billion-dollar industry. Its convenience and personal touch leads many to overspend. Research shows […]

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