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Crazy Money! $10,000 Luxury Suitcase

It’s Crazy Money Day! During my years with Crown, I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve gone through numerous suitcases and recently learned about a new model: It’s a 12-bottle wine suitcase. It comes with padded cushions of varied thicknesses to protect the contents. It can be stabilized when opened with two retractable feet that lock at […]

Best Car Resale Colors

What color is your car? The first car I owned was beige. My wife’s first car was baby blue. Over the years, we’ve owned different colored cars. Did you know that 25% of America’s cars, trucks, and SUVs are white, followed closely by black, gray, and silver? did a study of over 2 million […]

Crazy Money! Car Payments Exceed $1,000

It’s Crazy Money Day! Are you financing a vehicle? Financial experts generally advise against spending more than 10% of your income to paying off a car. Unfortunately, many don’t know that or ignore the advice. Edmunds reports that more than 25% of car buyers pay monthly car payments of $1,000 or more  Plus, car buyers […]

How to Resolve Shame in Your Finances

How much do you weigh? Would you rather tell someone how much you weigh or tell them how much you have in credit card debt? Surveys show that we’d rather talk about our weight than our finances! Money can be a painful topic because many people feel guilt, shame, and regret, but God doesn’t want […]

How to Help a Shopaholic

Do you know a shopaholic? Many people today struggle with impulse spending. It’s often an emotional or mental response to the emptiness in their hearts. They may shop with the intent to be accepted, to make themselves happy, or to prove their success to others.  One of the ugly consequences is excessive debt and the […]

Be Encouraged! You Can Have a Debt Free Vacation

Are you ready for a spring break? Are you tired of shoveling snow? Yearning for a summer vacation? We all need time to relax and recharge, but going into debt will only add to your stress! So be encouraged! You can vacation without overspending. Decide what you can really afford, then start a holiday savings […]

How to Have a Meaningful Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Have you made plans? I love to give. In fact, my natural inclination is to go over the top. My wife tries to keep me in check. Americans spend billions of dollars on this holiday. Consumers were surveyed and chocolate, candy, or food treats took the top spot, followed by […]

How To Be Content

Are you content right now? Do you think having more, bigger, or better will bring you joy? I want you to think again. True joy is not found in what you can buy, but we have an enemy – the Deceiver. He will try to convince you to spend money on things that will never […]

Chevy Silverado’s $105,000 Electric Truck

It’s Crazy Money Day! Chevy’s top-of-the-line electric truck sold out within 12 minutes of reservations opening. It’s due for release early this year with a sticker price of $105,000.  Now that is seriously crazy! The Silverado RST First Edition has a unique bed that can expand to accommodate larger items. Fold down the wall between […]

It’s All About Faithful Stewardship

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Perhaps you’re diligently hitting the gym, meal prepping, or organizing all aspects of your finances. In reality, all of these go hand-in-hand. Being a steward means faithfully managing everything that God has given you – your money, your talents, and your health! First Corinthians says that our bodies […]

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