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How Big is Your Emergency Fund?

How big is your emergency fund?  Experts recommend an emergency fund that covers at least 3 months of basic living expenses. says this number can vary in certain situations. If you’re self-employed, a larger emergency fund can help when income fluctuates throughout the year. If your job’s unstable or you’re employed in a high-risk […]

Save to Gain Confidence and Freedom

Are you worried about paying the bills but have no savings? Saving takes discipline, but it rewards you in two ways. First, it gives you the confidence to cover emergencies.  You don’t have to panic because you know you can cover unexpected costs.  You can take time off for your personal health or to care […]

Save By Taking One Day at a Time

Are you a saver? According to MarketWatch, nearly 1 in 5 Americans saved zero money in 2021. A 2022 survey reported that only 43% could cover a $1000 emergency expense from their savings. No wonder many are worried about having the funds to cover just one month of living expenses. Apparently, a lot of people […]

Crazy Money Day! Working Overtime

It’s Crazy Money Day! Have you ever had the chance to earn overtime pay? One man did and it sure paid off! In 2015, a janitor at the Bay Area Rapid Transit station grossed $235,000. That was 4 times more than his base pay. Records show that over a 3-year period, he received a total […]

Don’t Live For Retirement

Ernest Hemingway said, “Retirement is the ugliest word in the human language.” Retirement provision is something that confuses many Christians. It seems we’ve developed a mania about saving for the future! The world promotes the idea that in retirement we deserve to enjoy ourselves, and as a result, many people think they’ll need more money […]

How to Prepare for a Disaster

Are you prepared for disaster?  If floods, fires, tornadoes, or job loss come to your door, are you ready? We’re conditioned to run for eggs and milk at the first sign of a snowflake, but a grocery store run can’t fix everything. In Genesis 41, we read how God gave Joseph the interpretation for a […]

Saving Money on Dental Care

When did you last see a dentist?  More than half the U.S. population avoids the dentist. They fear the treatment and high costs involved. Many think they’ll save money by skipping routine check-ups. Sometimes they can, but fixing small problems that are caught early can save money, time, and pain. It’s important to find a […]

Be Encouraged! You Can Have a Debt Free Vacation

Are you ready for a spring break? Are you tired of shoveling snow? Yearning for a summer vacation? We all need time to relax and recharge, but going into debt will only add to your stress! So be encouraged! You can vacation without overspending. Decide what you can really afford, then start a holiday savings […]

Chevy Silverado’s $105,000 Electric Truck

It’s Crazy Money Day! Chevy’s top-of-the-line electric truck sold out within 12 minutes of reservations opening. It’s due for release early this year with a sticker price of $105,000.  Now that is seriously crazy! The Silverado RST First Edition has a unique bed that can expand to accommodate larger items. Fold down the wall between […]

401(k) Hardship Withdrawals Are Up

Do you have a 401(k)? Vanguard reported that 401(k) “hardship” withdrawals hit a record high in October. This fact – plus rising credit card debt and declining personal savings – reveals how many households are struggling financially. “Hardship” withdrawals are allowed for immediate and heavy financial need. They’re abnormal for the typical 401(k) saver, but […]

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