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Car Warranty Offers

I hate getting threatened with advertisements that create fear.  I recently purchased a couple of used cars. For three solid months I received notices in the mail like this: “FINAL NOTICE! This letter is to inform you that if your factory warranty has expired, you’ll be financially liable for all repairs.” Uh…duh. I realize that. […]

Cut Your Grocery Bill

  It’s Build Your Savings Day! Try cutting your grocery bill! You may literally be eating your savings if you do any of the following: • Eat out frequently  • Shop without a list • Shop multiple times each week • Don’t have a grocery budget Now you may be asking yourself, “What’s the big […]

Savings Day – Set SMART Goals

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Have you made saving goals for the year?  A saving goal grants vision and direction to help us become better money managers. It gives purpose, helps us see progress and grants confidence. To change an old habit, you have to create a new one. Three things are important to remember: […]

How To Retire With Money In The Bank

Stewards think about their future. Do you? Wise stewards set strategic financial goals to prepare for the future. Many people say they’ll just never retire, but the Bible tells us to save and invest because we don’t know what tomorrow may bring, and who doesn’t want to leave some kind of an inheritance for their […]

Saving Day – Pack Your Lunch

Do you have the post-Christmas blues? We’re here to help because it’s Build Your Savings Day!  Savers are planners. They make sacrifices to reach their goals, and savings outweigh the forfeit of temporary pleasures. You just have to keep doing it long enough to see the benefit! The key is spending less than you make. […]

New Year’s Day – 2020 Vision

Happy New Year! 2020 is a term that doctors use for clear vision. Now I hope you clearly see what God can do in your finances this year. I don’t know anyone starting this year with a desire for more debt, more financial pain, or stress. In fact, recent surveys show that 1/3 of all […]

Cyber Monday

It’s a busy couple of days – Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday! If you’re a bargain shopper then you’ve gotta love Cyber Monday. This day has grown into a massive retail holiday that could surpass Black Friday sales this year! In 2018, Cyber Monday sales reached nearly $8 billion! It was Amazon’s “single biggest shopping […]

Three Tips for a Recession

Today I have three tips to help you survive a recession.  To face a recession, use the 3P Method: Prepare. Be Patient. Don’t Panic We prepare by living out Biblical financial principles. In Genesis, God revealed the meaning of Pharaoh’s dreams to Joseph. Seven years of plenty would be followed by seven years of famine. […]

Savings Tips

Ever struggle with how to be rich towards God AND save for the future? Well, we’re actually to do both! In a parable, Jesus taught about a rich man whose life was taken from him. He said: This is how it will be with anyone who stores up things for himself but is not rich […]

Benefits of Patience

Do you struggle with waiting? Maybe you’ve adopted an entitlement mindset. According to Dr. Christine Pohl: If we’re entitled to everything, we’re grateful for nothing. Patience is a virtue, a fruit of the Spirit and a characteristic of Godliness. Paul told the Colossian church to clothe themselves in patience and be thankful. Depending on God […]

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