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Best Car Resale Colors

What color is your car? The first car I owned was beige. My wife’s first car was baby blue. Over the years, we’ve owned different colored cars. Did you know that 25% of America’s cars, trucks, and SUVs are white, followed closely by black, gray, and silver? did a study of over 2 million […]

Don’t Live For Retirement

Ernest Hemingway said, “Retirement is the ugliest word in the human language.” Retirement provision is something that confuses many Christians. It seems we’ve developed a mania about saving for the future! The world promotes the idea that in retirement we deserve to enjoy ourselves, and as a result, many people think they’ll need more money […]

Crazy Money! Car Payments Exceed $1,000

It’s Crazy Money Day! Are you financing a vehicle? Financial experts generally advise against spending more than 10% of your income to paying off a car. Unfortunately, many don’t know that or ignore the advice. Edmunds reports that more than 25% of car buyers pay monthly car payments of $1,000 or more  Plus, car buyers […]

How to Prepare for a Disaster

Are you prepared for disaster?  If floods, fires, tornadoes, or job loss come to your door, are you ready? We’re conditioned to run for eggs and milk at the first sign of a snowflake, but a grocery store run can’t fix everything. In Genesis 41, we read how God gave Joseph the interpretation for a […]

Be Encouraged! Teach Your Children How to Buy Cars

Do your children know how to buy a car? Buying a car involves work, saving, and self-sacrifice. It takes discipline and determination. Teaching a young person how to buy wisely will impact them for the rest of their lives. First, establish a budget. Are they going to cover the cost or are you willing to […]

Be Honest on Your Tax Return

Are you tempted to cheat on your tax return? A 2021 survey by the IRS revealed that 87% of people said it was not acceptable to cheat on income taxes. Unfortunately, many still try. Here are some of the most common ways dishonest people try to reduce their tax bill. Failing to report all taxable […]

Be Encouraged! You Can Become a Planner

Are you a ‘Planner’ or a ‘Worrier’?  I like this contrast because it defines the real challenge – wasting valuable time worrying or putting together a plan and taking action. God’s word strongly recommends that we plan carefully and commit to completing what we choose to do so that it will be a job well […]

How to Maximize a Tax Refund

Are you hoping to get a nice tax refund? Last year’s average tax refund was almost $3,200. Reports are that refund amounts are likely to drop due to changes made by the IRS, but be optimistic and start working on your tax return now. Gather essential documents and set aside time to fill out the […]

Chevy Silverado’s $105,000 Electric Truck

It’s Crazy Money Day! Chevy’s top-of-the-line electric truck sold out within 12 minutes of reservations opening. It’s due for release early this year with a sticker price of $105,000.  Now that is seriously crazy! The Silverado RST First Edition has a unique bed that can expand to accommodate larger items. Fold down the wall between […]

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