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Life Insurance

Would you drive cross-country without a spare tire? Would you play at Wimbledon without an extra tennis racket? Of course not! And, I would not travel as much as I do without some kind of life insurance. Insurance is not specifically defined in Scripture; however, the principle of future provision is. Provision – not protection. […]

Satisfied in Christ

Who influences what you eat or drink, where you shop, or how you spend your money? Whether or not you realize it, others may be determining your spending habits! Many Americans have become trapped in lifestyles they cannot afford. “Keeping up with the Joneses” has led to a lot of stress, debt, and worry. And […]

Planning Ahead

Do you plan ahead so you can spend wisely? Good stewards do. And, here’s what they’ve discovered. The Proverbs 31 woman is an example of someone whose planning is key to good stewardship. We’re told she worked hard, she spent wisely, and she planned ahead. When you behave in this manner, there is money left […]

Millennials and Financing

I grew up in the days of “lay-away”.  Do you remember that? If you couldn’t afford to pay the full price of an item, the store would hold it for you as you made payments towards it. When you had paid the full amount, the item was yours to take home. But now, people don’t […]

What It Means to Believe – Larry Burkett

The Bible says that when a person comes to know Jesus, they become a ‘new creation’. Today, our founder, the late Larry Burkett, talks about the change in his own life. I’d like to invite you to join us for the annual Crown Gathering, in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina this October. It’s a wonderful time […]

What If Everyone Tithed?

Would you describe yourself as a generous person? Would your friends, family, and neighbors say the same about you? Studies show that those who habitually give, started giving in their teens or early twenties – AND usually have less debt. But the church of America gives less today than during the Great Depression….. and carries […]

The Bible’s Take on Retirement

Do you think about retirement? Most of us do at some point, but is it even Biblical? The luxurious life of retirement has been sold to us over the last fifty plus years as something we deserve, and it’s become accepted as normal. But, it’s not necessarily normal…. biblically or historically. Some people can retire […]

Who Are the Poor?

Jesus said, “For you always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me.”  So, who are the poor? And, how poor is poor? Poor Americans are those who struggle to make ends meet, whether they’re trying to pay for necessities like food and housing, or comforts like a TV and car. […]

Debt-Free Vacation

What is your DREAM vacation? A quiet cabin in the woods, an adventure-filled week in the Caribbean, or exploring museums and restaurants throughout Europe? We Americans love vacations! Some people are actually professional vacation-ers. But do we have any idea how much these trips really cost us? I recently learned that on average, Americans take […]

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