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Super Savers Cut Housing Costs

Are you house poor? TD AMERITRADE found that “super-savers”, those who save 20% or more of their income, spend an average 14% on housing – compared to 23% of the rest of the population. Cutting your housing costs, our largest budget item, eliminates stress quickly. Super-savers know that the extra space marketed in newer homes […]

Setting Goals: Food Prep Testimony

Feeling stuck in your finances? Try setting some goals! It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t see improvement in your financial condition. I know we all need food. But, careful planning along with self-control in your food budget will yield big results. In fact, you can experience progress in just two weeks. It takes […]

Frugal Date Night Ideas

Do you remember your first date? What do you think it cost? The first date I had with my wife, Ann was over a Coke. We went to a Christian college and coke dates were “the thing”. Coke and conversation. Simple as that. Today the average cost of a date is around $100! But, here’s […]

Don’t Die in Debt

God has an exit plan for each of us. We just don’t know when or how. Are you financially prepared? Undisciplined spending causes serious issues that can last a lifetime – and beyond. Aside from catastrophes that lead to debt, many elderly Americans are financially trapped by their poor planning.  pleasures they pursued in this […]


Ever tell little “white lies”? Well, dishonesty and loving God are like oil and water. They just don’t mix. When we’re dishonest, we act as if God doesn’t even exist, as though He’s unable to provide what we need. We take situations in to our own hands and do things our own dishonest way. In […]

Money Market vs Savings Accounts

Last year, reported that the average emergency cost $2,500. Could you cover that today? A lack of savings is the #1 reason people accumulate debt. Roughly 1/3 of Americans currently owe on an emergency expense they couldn’t cover. God wants us to look to Him to provide for our needs – not others. He […]

Long-Range Vocational Goals – Larry Burkett

Do you enjoy your work? Are you able to use your skills – or does it just pay the bills? All week, we’ve been looking at how honesty, diligence and excellence at work blesses us – and those around us. Today, we’ll learn from Crown founder, Larry Burkett, that God’s principles also bring direction and […]

Work is a Blessing

Work. Is it a necessary evil or do you see it as a blessing? Work plays a significant role in our spiritual lives. Besides supplying our physical needs, it provides the opportunity to apply Biblical principles that would otherwise be mere academics. We get to yield “our rights” to serve others and in that process, […]

Organized at Work

Benjamin Franklin said:  For every hour spent organizing, an hour is earned. As much as I’ve got going in my own life, I’ve learned it’s essential! Organization in the workplace is an absolute necessity. A key verse in Proverbs says: Poor is he who works with a negligent hand, but the hand of the diligent […]

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