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Pouring Truth Into Our Children’s Hearts

How much do your children know about money? Do you seize every opportunity to pour truth into their hearts? Or, is their training coming from our materialistic society? Christmas is a great time to emphasize Biblical financial principles. Christmas in my youth was exciting and fun, but I missed basic truths. Like – God owns […]

Fruits of the Spirit – Kindness

  After battling a fire near San Bernardino, California this summer, a team of hungry firefighters descended upon Denny’s. The fire chief went to pay for more than 25 meals, but was told a woman had anonymously covered the bill. What a huge act of kindness! Kindness is contagious. I know people who exude kindness […]

Can Debt Buy Contentment?

How content ARE you? Do you think some new clothes, furniture, vacation, car or house would make things better? Think again. Debt is a deceiver. It enslaves, robs joy, and deprives borrowers of many opportunities. It sets households back financially, adds unnecessary stress, affects sleep and health and causes marriage strife. Sadly, it prevents people […]

The Purpose of Retirement w/ Brad Hewitt

Brad Hewitt of Thrivent Financial has been my guest today – and you can hear more of these interviews with financial planning experts who answer your biggest questions about planning for — and enjoying — retirement. We’ve put together a CD with the most helpful information and insights about retirement, and you can receive it […]

Foundation for Retirement w/ Brad Hewitt

Well, do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to plan for retirement? You can receive more helpful insights from my full interview with Brad Hewitt and Russ Crosson –  by making a generous donation of any amount to Crown Financial Ministries. Just visit

Slow Down

Happy Thanksgiving! During this busy season do you find yourself running around like a hamster on a wheel? During a period of high stress, Crown’s founder, Larry Burkett said that he was resigning from being in charge of the universe – and would let God keep His job! I find myself in this same crunch […]

Battling Materialism

Crown’s founder, Larry Burkett, wisely said, “Most of what God gives you in life is not for you.”  . One of the greatest threats to our walk with God is the trap of materialism. We have to work at not being lured away from Him and spending our money on our own desires. Why? Because […]

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