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Combing Finances in Marriage

Larry Burkett, our founder, believed that separate banking accounts for couples “makes about as much sense as maintaining separate houses.” Since this is Valentines Day, I thought we should consider why couples should have joint accounts.   Marriage is about becoming one. One in everything – name, address, bed, and money. Keeping anything separate – […]

Imagine Life Without Debt

Imagine your life without debt – no mortgage, no car loan, no student debt. How would your life look different? Americans have succumbed to a debt is normal mentality. I want to challenge that thinking! Debt is slavery – is not normal – and is contrary to the Word of God. I recently heard about […]

Prepare Your Tax Return Early

It’s been said that “Nothing makes a person more modest about their income than to fill out a tax form.” If you dread preparing your taxes, maybe you need a little incentive to get ‘em done early. Did you know there are benefits to early preparation of your tax returns? Starting to work on them […]

What Does the Bible Say about Saving

Henry Ford said, “One of the greatest discoveries a man makes is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.” And, many Americans are afraid they can’t save money! But, guess what! You can! The key to saving is having the right mindset! It requires humility, a long-term perspective, and the […]

7 Rules for Riches: Be Frugal

Does your lifestyle reflect frugality? Do you intentionally deny yourself the luxuries the world promotes? Over the last few days we have been discussing what I call the 7 Rules for True Riches, the next one is to Learn to be frugal.  Jesus warned his disciples, “Take care, and be on your guard against all […]

7 Rules for Riches: Drive Used Cars

Do you suffer from new car fever? You know, when you’re so sick of driving your old one you dream of a brand spanking new one? Last we covered 4 of my 7 Rules for True Riches, number 5 is to buy used cars and drive them until they’re worn out. Buying a new car […]

7 Rules for Riches – Emergency Savings Account

Do you like surprises? Or, maybe I should say, are you ready for them – those surprise expenses that catch you off-guard! Unexpected costs are inevitable in life. A year ago, a reported 6 in 10 Americans didn’t have enough money to cover a $500 unplanned expense. This is crazy! An emergency fund is for […]

God’s Definition of Success – Larry Burkett

Well, if it’s debt that’s hindering your progress on the road to true financial freedom, I want you to watch our newest video series,’ 5 Steps to Debt Free Living’. It’ll help you get back on track. Find it for free by calling the Crown Help Line at  800-722-1976 or online at

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