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Steps to Financial Freedom

Who owns your material assets? “Well, you do of course!” Mmm…maybe not… Today, Crown’s founder, the late Larry Burkett, explains that, regardless of how much you have, the question of ‘ownership’ will determine whether you live a life of financial freedom or financial bondage.   Well if you want to be a better steward of […]

Good Habits

Do you have good financial habits? They impact your ability to save. Small habits done consistently over time lead to big results. One of my board members works on one habit a month. He’s either breaking a bad one or forming a good one. Sometimes he has to go back and brush up on old […]

Call Out to God in Faith

Have you ever cried out to God over your finances? I have!  When I first joined Crown staff, I had to raise my own support. Having left the business world, I was used to a salary, benefits and good commissions. Although passionate about the opportunity to serve, raising support was humbling. Shortly before my oldest […]

Pray First – Don’t Panic!

Do you have a bill that’s due right now and no way to pay it? Don’t panic! When life gets hard, it’s tempting to run to the fastest, easiest source of help to relieve the pain. Unfortunately, that often worsens the situation. It’s like trying to pull a painful splinter without the proper tool. You […]

Introducing ELI

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Do emergencies constantly ruin your ability to save? Today I have the privilege of introducing you to a savings tool called ELI. ELI is an app that helps you set aside money that you really CAN afford to save. The goal is to help you eliminate daily money stress. In […]

Crazy Money – Nature’s Nate Honey

It’s Crazy Money Day and do I have a sweet story! 24 years ago, Nathan Sheets bought a beehive as a post-honeymoon hobby. He grew it into a small business. When he lost his job in 2010, he wondered if he could support his family on honey sales. It was already carried by some local […]

Financial Sin – Day 3

Is your hope in God or money? Do you realize selfishness is a financial sin? Spending everything on ourselves hurts others which ultimately affects us.  Solomon said: “There’s a grievous evil that I’ve seen under the sun: riches were kept by their owner to his hurt, and those riches were lost in a bad venture. And […]

Financial Sin – Day 2

Do you trust God or money?  Financial sins, like dissatisfaction and coveting, begin in the heart. Consider greed. The drive to have more leads us into conflict and turmoil. It leads people to make irrational decisions even breaking the law. In 2009 Bernie Madoff was convicted and sentenced to 150 years in prison for running the […]

Financial Sin – Day 1

The majority of Bibles verses dealing with money and possessions address the heart and mind. That’s where financial sin begins. Financial sin has severe repercussions. So let’s look at a few. Dissatisfaction is a big one. Complaining about our financial status in comparison to others is a clear indication of a misplaced dependency. If you’re preoccupied […]

Savings Day – Transformation

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Remember when Peter stepped out of the boat?  He stepped into the sacred space of letting go and trusting totally. Are you willing to step out, and let God mold you into faithful stewards for His use? In the Blue Book by Jim Branch, a chapter titled In Between discusses […]

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