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Crazy Money – Trust God With a Job

Are you in need of a job? Years ago, Chuck Bentley was in the same position. He asked God to open doors for him through his network of friends.  Within days a friend referred him to another friend who owned a large company. The interview was a few short questions about experience, training, and overall […]

Financial Stress of Military Families

Military families face many challenges. An annual military family lifestyle survey conducted by Blue Star Families found that the service members and their spouses rank financial stress as their greatest concern, even over deployment. Many don’t pay their bills on time and some have debts in collection. Childcare costs and relocation expenses make it extra […]

Managing Your W4 Impacts Taxes

Have you checked your W4 lately? Solomon said, “Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds…” (Proverbs 27:23) A little research can impact your income. Studying and updating your W4 could be a very beneficial use of time. The earlier in the year you do it, the greater […]

How to Honor Christ With Your Finances

Do you honor Christ with your finances? We are inundated with financial advice. The vast majority of what I see says: do this or do that to increase your earnings and have more money. Interestingly, the Bible actually doesn’t offer this advice. It tells us what we should believe about money and those beliefs will […]

Setting SMART Goals

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Did you know that financial goals help us see progress? To change an old habit, you must create a new one. Those who’ve been successful, understand three important things: Success encourages you to stay the course. Tracking progress motivates you to continue, and realistic, attainable steps with built-in rewards are […]

Q’s To Ask Before Making a Purchase

When making any major purchase, we’ll normally have lots of questions like what size? what color? can I make the monthly payment?  According to Crown’s founder, Larry Burkett, being a good steward of God’s money will often require us to face some much tougher questions.   Now if you’re having trouble making it to the […]

Escape Greed, Coveting and Selfishness

Ever spent money foolishly? I have. Years ago I would buy lottery tickets hoping  I could hit the jackpot and pay off my credit card debt. Greed, coveting, and selfishness cause negative behavior that we easily spot in others, but we just fail to recognize it in ourselves. See if you identify with any of […]

Pay Off Debt – Improve Your Credit Score

Want to reduce debt in the new year? The average millennial carries nearly $5,000 in credit card debt. So, the decision to pay it down has a significant financial impact. You avoid the cost of high interest that accrues when carrying a balance on your card month after month. Reducing your credit utilization rate boosts […]

Empty Your Storage Unit and Save $

Do you need extra money this month? Empty your storage unit! We have way too much stuff and we pay too much to store it. Now that’s a problem! Go Banking Rates reports that nearly 10% of U.S. households rent a self-storage unit. They pay an average of $89 a month. Now that adds up […]

Savings Day – Eliminate Toxic Financial Habits

Do you have toxic financial habits?  Love Canal near Niagara Falls was one of the worst health and environmental tragedies that ever occurred on American soil. The canal was turned into a dumpsite for chemical waste during WWII. The company responsible for the pollutants covered it with earth and clay to contain it. Then they […]

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