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Vacations are Important

Vacations strengthen your emotional and mental health. You were made to work and also to rest. A day trip, weekend or a week away can help you recharge and become more productive. Visit one of our many wonderful state and national parks. You’ll see God’s handiwork in nature. Take time to see your loved ones. […]

Helping the Poor

Ever been asked for money by a stranger? Family illness, imprisonment, or unemployment can leave people desperate for food, clothing, or shelter. Check out their story to be sure you are not being scammed. Is the need legitimate? Do you have the capacity to meet the need?  When asked for financial help, God may prompt […]

Faithfulness Vs. Success

We need good stewards! The biggest mistake you’ll ever make with money is being a success in man’s economy but a failure in God’s. Luke 16:11 says: “If you’ve not been faithful in the use of worldly wealth, who will entrust the true riches to you?” When I memorized that verse, the word faithful got […]

Savings Day – Master Your Money

It’s build your Savings Day! If you struggle saving, maybe its because money is your master. Get out from under that taskmaster and make God the authority in your life. This will set you free to make money your slave instead of the other way around. Now, once you get the order right, you’ll experience […]

Crazy Money Day – Irish and Choctaw Generosity

It’s Crazy Money Day! I have American Indian blood, so this story is very meaningful to me. In 1847, the Choctaw Nation learned of the Irish potato famine. They wanted to help, so they sent $170 to their aid. This year, Coronavirus hit the Navajo and Hopi tribes hard. They’ve had thousands of positive cases […]

Teach: Multiplication of Resources

A changed heart is good for the economy! When God put Adam in the garden He gave him the creation mandate: be fruitful and multiply. Adam had to fight the weeds and the challenges of the fall in order to make things grow. He had to work or he’d go hungry. Likewise, if we don’t […]

Ownership of Resources

God owns everything! The world teaches that we’re owners and those with the most win. We compare and strive for more, measuring success by things we say we own, but we’re to live differently. When God put Adam in the garden he didn’t say, “Here, it’s all yours.” God told him to work it and […]


What do you actually own? The Bible teaches that God owns everything. Absolutely everything! I once met a man who appeared on the Forbes 400 richest people in Asia. Then he lost it all. He told me, “I’d been a real estate developer worth over a billion dollars, but I wanted more. I became greedy, […]

Savings Day – Good Economic Actors

Need help increasing your savings? Years ago, I met a CEO  who was then responsible for a very large public company. He made a statement that I’ve never forgotten. “All things considered equal, Christians have an unfair advantage in the marketplace. Not because God’s on our side tipping the scales, but because He gave us […]

Crazy Money Day – Pandemic Hoarding

It’s Crazy Money Day! On March 1st, two brothers cleaned out Chattanooga stores of hand sanitizer. Then, one drove across Tennessee and Kentucky filling a U-Haul truck with more. Back home, one brother started listing sanitizer on Amazon. 300 bottles sold out immediately for between $8 and $70 each. He called it “crazy money”. Amazon […]

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