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Can Job Loss Be a Good Thing?

  Could being laid off from your job actually be….a good thing? As difficult as losing your job is, a layoff could be God’s method of launching you into a better position. The key is to be prepared! First, and foremost, reduce your debt and increase your savings. Avoid any nonessential purchases and sell what […]

Saving for Retirement

What does the Bible say about saving for retirement?   Should we store up crazy amounts of money or refuse to plan ahead at all? Neither of these is God’s way. The Bible encourages us to save and plan ahead – like the ant who works hard and stores up at all times.. But we […]

Investing to Further the Kingdom

  Should Christians have investments?  Yes, absolutely! God expects multiplication, not just maintenance. Investing furthers God’s work. The more you have, the more you can give. It also helps us provide for our families and plan for future needs.  There are also unbiblical reasons to invest, like greed, pride, and envy – so pray about […]

Giving vs Earning

  What’s more Christlike – to GIVE money or MAKE money? Actually – one is not more important than the other — making and giving money are blessings from the Lord and help us fulfill our purpose in His Kingdom. God gave Adam work as a good thing when He created man – it’s a form of […]

Trusting God

A friend of mine has a young son who challenged a decision his Father made. My friend stopped and asked him, “son, how old are you? And how old am I? Do you think that, since I’m a LOT older, maybe I have more wisdom than you? I need you to trust that I know […]

An Emergency Savings Fund

How has your summer been so far? Everything going according to plan? Well, if your summer is going anything like mine, you may have a kid with a broken foot, and a bunch of trees down on your power lines! The truth is, life rarely goes according to our plan. Which is why having a […]

Patience Pays Off

  One big financial lesson I’ve learned is that it pays to be patient. Don’t you hate having to wait?! We are all used to instant gratification, but patience and consistency, rather than quick decisions and instant success, are the ways to financial security. Instead of buying impulsively or withdrawing savings based on fear, wait. Pray […]

Why Live Debt-Free?

  What does the Bible say about debt? The Bible doesn’t say that having debt is a sin or that borrowing is evil. But both can be symptoms of other problems. Proverbs warns that, “The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is slave to the lender.” That’s not how Christ intended for you […]

Learning Disobedience

  Did you teach your children to be disobedient? Well, you may have contributed… but you, me, and your kids are are all born with sinful natures. We never had to learn how to throw a temper tantrum or tell a lie. So you may find yourself like Paul – doing the things you don’t […]

Problems Money Can’t Solve

  There are a lot of problems that money can’t solve. Money can’t solve relationship issues, heartache, loneliness, and health problems. Sometimes it seems that those who have money don’t experience these struggles. But here’s the catch – those who think money, instead of God,  will solve these issues will also experience fear, anxiety, greed, and resentment. Regardless […]

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