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How Much is Enough?

How much money is enough? All of us are concerned with earning a living, but how much is enough?  Of course, there’s no simple formula that can be applied to every single family, but “enough” is probably less than you think. Do you have margin in your lifestyle to give generously and help others? Do […]

Who Controls Your Finances?

  How do you know if God is in control of your money? As a steward,  God is the owner of all your resources – your house, your car, your money, your smartphone…everything!  You are the a temporary manager, not the owner.  That means the way you make and spend His money is a reflection […]

The Joy of Generosity

Have you experienced the joy of giving? There’s nothing like it!   True generosity  is an outward, material expression of a loving and obedient heart.   There’s a university in Oklahoma where the students stand up and cheer every time the giving portion of chapel starts – that is to remind them that it’s a […]

Extending Grace

  Has anyone ever wronged you when it comes to money? Maybe they never paid you back, tricked you into a risky investment, or wrote you a hot check. Sadly, financial hurts like this are fairly common. And they can even ruin or damage relationships forever. But if you want to experience more of God’s […]

Stewarding Time and Money

  Stewarding your time is just as important as stewarding your money. And they usually go hand-in-hand!   Time and Money both require our faithful stewardship! God gives each of us 24 hours each day and the freedom to decide how we are going to use it.     I recently heard someone talk about […]

Is Gambling a Sin?

  Is gambling a sin? Well the Bible doesn’t say, “Thou shalt not gamble”. But it’s certainly not the way God intended for you to use or make money. At the root of gambling is greed, which Proverbs says robs you of life. And in order for you to win any money, someone else has […]

Don’t Spend More Than You Make

  I have a simple principle for you to never EVER go into debt   Ready for this?   Don’t spend more than you make!   That’s it! If you never spend more money than you make you’ll never go into debt. But I know it is easier said than done! It’s normal today to […]

Worried About Retirement Savings

  As a culture, we’ve developed a little bit of a mania about how much we need for retirement savings. Almost a quarter of all Americans are worried they will outlive what they’ve saved. While this is stressful, it’s opportunity for the body of Christ to live by example and behave different than the rest […]

Trusting God with our Finances

  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart  and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Trusting God with our finances is easier said than done! If you are struggling to make it to the end of the month…. or fighting […]

Leaving an Inheritance

  One of my friends had a sizable estate  but was worried about passing it on to his children. You see, he hadn’t taught them how to handle money wisely. This is the advice i gave him, First, reconsider how much you want to leave to your kids. Proverbs says, “A good man leaves an […]