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Use 401K to Pay Off Debt?

Doug and Melissa are in their early fifties and still have a ton of debt. They’ve managed to save a decent amount of money for retirement. Melissa wants to keep their savings, but Doug just wants to get out of debt. He says he’ll work into his seventies anyway, so they won’t need a lot […]

What to do When You Overspend

Mike’s had been wanting that watch for a long time. Sure, it was a little over what they should spend right now, but he could always make it up next paycheck, right? I mean, It wasn’t that big of a deal! Does Mike’s story sound familiar to you? Most of us don’t plan to overspend – […]

Is Life Insurance Biblical?

Does God want you to have life insurance? I know several people who would say that life insurance is wrong because they see it as a lack of trust in God’s provision. But the Bible gives us clear instruction that we’re supposed to make a financial plan to take care of our own. First Timothy […]

Why Tithe?

Why is it important to tithe? Does God really require us to give? God’s Word describes the tithe as a testimony to God’s ownership. God asks us to tithe, not because it’s what He wants FROM you, but because it’s what He wants FOR you. The amount of the tithe is not important to God; […]

Financial Infidelity

Should hiding financial information from your spouse be considered infidelity? Have you ever thought that keeping financial secrets from your spouse is like cheating? But people who are hiding their finances aren’t usually trying to hide criminal activity or an affair. They’re just embarrassed. Now, there’s no Bible verse that says a couple has to […]

Measuring Success

Who would you define as “successful” ? Probably someone rich or famous, right? But we know the Bible has a very different definition of success. Take the prophet Jeremiah, for example: God gave him the difficult task of telling the Israelites of God’s coming judgment on them. As you could imagine, Jeremiah was not exactly popular among […]

Offensive and Defensive Financial Strategy

Do you have an OFFENSIVE or DEFENSIVE strategy with your money? Well, just like any good sports team, you should have both! Think of it like this – your offensive strategy is how you earn your income. And your defensive strategy is how you manage your expenses. You can work really hard to make more money […]

Even If, Not What If

Do you ever feel stuck, worrying about the “what if’s” in life?   Money is one of the biggest triggers of a “what if” mindset.   “What if I can’t make it to the end of the month?” “What if I never make as much money as my friends?“ “What if I can’t afford to […]

Buying vs Renting

  Have you heard the money myth that buying a house is smarter than renting? Many say that buying house is a better financial decision because you’re not just “throwing money away” at rent. But buying a house is not the best decision for everyone. It’s true that mortgage payments are hopefully going towards a […]

Getting on the Same Page

  How do you and your spouse get on the same page about money? Money in marriage can be hard. Try this exercise: imagine someone gives you a surprise gift of ten thousand dollars. Working separately from your spouse, outline a plan of what you would do with the money. Compare your plans and take turns discussing […]

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