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Work – Home Improvement Projects

Taking on a home improvement project? Bank of America reports that millennials are spending the most on projects. A thousand people were polled during the coronavirus, and 70% decided to improve their homes with more projects planned for 2021. Attic insulation, new windows, a garage, entry doors, and decks are popular improvements this year. Paying […]

The Temptation to Get Rich Quick

Ever lost money in a “sure deal?” There’s never been a get-rich-quick scheme that didn’t sound terrific on the surface. Promoters are better at disguising their bad deals than most people are at detecting them. With any investment, protect yourself by following some simple tips. First, stick with what you know. Don’t risk borrowed money. […]

Give: The Threat of Affluence

What threatens your giving? Years ago, a friend in China told me that the greatest danger for the church was affluence. He explained. We too often accept a life of indulgence as normal. Our focus on worldly success dulls our perception of God’s direction and purpose for our lives. We adopt an attitude of superiority […]

Savings Day – Unexpected Expenses

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Last month my youngest stopped in at a local automotive service chain. He told them his car was making an odd noise and asked if they would analyze it. $800 dollars later, he drove off with new brake pads, rotors, and a wheel bearing but the noise was gone! Do […]

Crazy Money Day – Class Buys Boy Tennis Shoes

It’s Crazy Money Day! I love learning about people who give generously, and this story got me. Several years ago, students at a Texas high school learned that J.R., a classmate with special needs, wore boots that were 2 ½ sizes too small. So they banded together and raised nearly $180, enough for two pairs […]

Avoid Eviction

Struggling to pay your rent? Many are struggling to pay bills and provide for their families. If you can’t pay rent, your landlord will soon demand it, but don’t lose hope. Avoid confrontation by communicating in a professional manner. Ask to meet in person, prepared to pay what you can. Humbly declare your desire to […]

Costs of Moving

Are you planning to move? Many Americans are trading city life for suburbs, self-reliance, and off-grid living. They’re seeking peace and moving to find it. Moving costs lots of money. Packing supplies, a moving truck, moving insurance, travel costs, and temporary housing all add up. Weigh the costs of buying versus renting. Even though mortgage […]

Give Sacrificially

It’s Generosity Day! The Apostle Paul commended the Macedonian churches. In a severe test of affliction, their abundance of joy in the midst of their extreme poverty overflowed in a wealth of generosity.  They gave according to their means and beyond begging to take part in the relief of the saints. (2 Corinthians 8:1-5 ESV) […]

Savings Day – Why and How

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Did you know the Bible teaches that what you save is as important as what you earn? The discipline of saving is what helps prevent debt and prepares you for the future. Setting goals and lifestyle parameters will provide margin and keep you from spending every dollar you earn. Planning […]

Crazy Money Day – Working Overtime

It’s Crazy Money Day! In 2015, a janitor at the Bay Area Rapid Transit station grossed $235,000. That was 4 times more than his base pay. Over a 3-year period, he earned $682,000 in pay and benefits. Now that’s crazy! Imagine if you worked extra hours each week. You could pay down debt, grow an […]

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