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Don’t Wait – Just Do It!

Are you waiting to make a budget until you make a little more money? Or to start giving when you’ve paid off your debt? That you’ll start saving for retirement first thing next year? But you just never seem to get there… Procrastination … we all do it! It’s like the classic promise we make […]


Jennifer is always on the go! She juggles her job and family, trains for a marathon, and keeps a picture perfect home. The problem is, she’s so busy, she has no time to give.   Crown’s founder, Larry Burkett once said, “We can all suffer from being too busy to serve God. Some are so […]


You know Christina. She’s a great mom, serves at church every weekend, is incredibly kind, has lots of friends and is a blast to be around. And she can teach us all an important financial lessons. As much as she looks like she has it all together, she feels like most of the other moms […]

Outward Indicator

“Money is an outward indicator of our inward spiritual condition.” That’s one of my favorite quotes from Crown’s founder, Larry Burkett. I love it because it’s true! Money can’t solve your financial problems, because money isn’t what’s causing them. See It’s not really about how we behave with money but more about what we believe. It’s like […]


I was recently working on a big group project – but one person was not pulling his weight. I was about to confront him about his performance when I learned a very important piece of information.   See what I didn’t know is he had just lost his dad, his child was in the hospital, […]

Stewardship and a Good Reputation

A number of years ago I was preparing for a really important TV interview and I really wanted to buy a new suit. The only one I had was given to me as a gift when a family friend had passed away! Well, my wife “strongly advised” me to swallow my pride and wear the […]

Giving for the Right Reasons

Sam is one of the biggest givers in his church – People are always thanking him for his generous donations and the impact he’s made in the lives of others. On the outside Sam seems like the ideal Christian. But on the inside, he’s giving for all the wrong reasons. Jesus tells us in Matthew […]

Debt Free

Richard and Holly just managed to pay off six hundred thousand dollars of debt, including their mortgage. Richard and Holly both came from modest backgrounds. But they both quickly climbed the corporate ladder and pursued the American Dream, racking up a ton credit card debt. Until they realized they were in real trouble. They completed Crown’s biblical […]

Little Ways to Save

Do you have that one person in your life that always seems to come up with the most ingenious ways to save money? That person in my life happens to be my wife, Ann! Ann has taught me so much about saving money. I can’t even remember the last time she bought something full price. We’ve […]

Use 401K to Pay Off Debt?

Doug and Melissa are in their early fifties and still have a ton of debt. They’ve managed to save a decent amount of money for retirement. Melissa wants to keep their savings, but Doug just wants to get out of debt. He says he’ll work into his seventies anyway, so they won’t need a lot […]

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