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How to Control Spending During Holidays

Do you know how much Americans spend on Christmas? Care to take a guess? Combined, we spend around a trillion dollars on Christmas! That’s a lot of money! The average consumer this year will spend $967 on gifts alone.  It’s exciting to give and we feel the pressure at times to give our loved ones […]

Justice in Finances

Ever feel like your financial situation just isn’t fair? “So-and-so” can afford a big house and nice cars and all the best things for their kids, while you’re working twice as hard but can’t seem to get ahead. We sometimes think that God has been unfair with what He has provided. In the Parable of […]

Fruits of the Spirit: Self-Control

There are many different ways we can spend our money during the Christmas season! For example, colorful lights or all white? Real or fake tree? Shopping around for sales to find the best deal, or doing all your shopping at once to get it over with?!   For me, it’s multicolored lights, a Charlie Brown […]

Fear of the Future

Growing up in hard times had a lasting impact on Christina’s mother. They lost everything in the Great Depression and, even now, little things – like aluminum foil or wrapping paper – were never thrown away. For those who know what it’s like to not have enough, the fear of the future can create lasting […]

Fruits of the Spirit: Gentleness

Everyone knew Andy was wealthy.  he tended to make others feel little by bragging about all the expensive things he would buy. Andy studied the Fruits of the Spirit, in Galatians 5. He realized that the way we use money is an outward indication of our inward spiritual condition. The one that hit him the […]

Fruits of the Spirit: Kindness

Your money does more than pay a mortgage and buy groceries. It can actually demonstrate the fruits of the spirit. When you focus on using your money according to the Fruits of the Spirit – you can model  kindness!   Show kindness to your spouse in the way you talk about money. Show kindness to […]

Christmas Budgeting

There are usually two kinds of Christmas shoppers – those who do all their shopping before Black Friday, and those who do all their shopping after Black Friday. Which one are you? My wife would be the before Black Friday kind of shopper…and I’m the Christmas Eve kind of shopper! She bought Christmas pajamas for […]

Too Busy to Serve God

She’s so busy, she is often exhausted…and you may relate to her. She’s that woman that’s always on the go! She works full time, has 3 kids – all in sports, keeps up with all her friends, and maintains a picture-perfect home.     Crown’s founder, Larry Burkett once said that he was resigning from […]

Fruits of the Spirit: Faithfulness

Kathleen was frustrated! At one time, she had dreamed of climbing the corporate ladder, rising to the top of her field, and getting the big corner office. But after 15 years, she just felt stuck – like she may never truly be successful. After studying the Fruits of the Spirit, Kathleen realized she had to […]

Top Christmas Gifts

Are you giving your kids one of the top Christmas gifts this year? Like a Hatchimal! Well this year may be a great time to give them a different kind of Christmas gift. It’s a great joy  to give our children  good gifts! As long as it doesn’t cause out of control spending, or bad […]

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