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Equifax Security Breach

  You’ve probably heard about the recent security breach at Equifax, one of the biggest credit reporting agencies. It’s estimated 143 million people have been affected. So as stewards, what do we do? If you haven’t done so already, the most practical step to protect your identity is to initiate a credit freeze at each […]

Lake Tahoe – Shallow or Deep

Several years ago I got to visit Lake Tahoe. It’s beautiful, even though it doesn’t really appear that big. But there’s enough water in it to cover the state of California over a foot deep! Lake Tahoe is a great illustration of how God asks us to manage our finances. It’s much better to be deep […]

Generous Giving – Missing God’s Blessings

Are you a really generous giver? Only five percent of all Americans tithe … and giving to the local church has been in decline for the past decade. Do you know what that means? Most Americans are missing out on the incredible blessings that come when you give! Malachi three says, “Test Me in this,” […]

Making a Kingdom Bucket List

We all have things we want to do during our lifetime. I’d love to run an ultra marathon!!  It’s fun to make these bucket lists – or dream of traveling the world. But I think we should make a different kind of bucket list. Of course we should enjoy God’s incredible creation! But as much […]

Comparison and Inadequacy

Denise recently learned a great financial lesson – from a casserole.      After a church potluck, Denise was upset and a little embarrassed because she felt like she brought the worst dish. Drew, Denise’s husband, was a little caught off guard by the emotional response to a casserole, but he was pleased that she […]

Money and Emotions

When Wendy has the nicest things, she’s the most confident. Her parents didn’t have a ton of money growing up, so now that Wendy’s financially successful, she feels like she deserves to have the best. It’s where most of her confidence, and stress, comes from.   How do you feel about money? Maybe, like Wendy, […]

Keep Calm and Budget On

It had just been ONE OF THOSE MONTHS! Kelly had hungry boys to feed after her son’s soccer practices every afternoon, her husband’s car needed a new transmission, and it was time to get her daughter in braces. Have you experienced a month like this? I like to call it “whack-a-mole” budgeting, because it’s like […]


Ever had one of those frustrating days? I did a few weeks ago! Between a rude passenger on my flight, a mixup at a restaurant, and a crude hand gesture i received while driving, I started to wonder what I possibly could have done to deserve all of it! Being frustrated about little things in […]

Keeping a Close Eye on Your Finances

It was just a normal day of running errands for Debbie and her 4 kids. They went to the grocery store, and stopped to get gas on the way home. The next day, she checked her bank account and the balance seemed off. Well, Debbie discovered that there was a card skimmer on the gas […]

Working for God’s Glory

You may know someone like Michelle. She loved her job and the success that came with it. For her, 14-hour long days were “normal” for years as she climbed the corporate ladder. But then a verse from the Scripture flipped her world upside down. Psalm 127:2 says – “It is useless for you to work […]

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