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Living Paycheck to Paycheck

A young couple with mounds of debt came to me for help. They had student loans, a mortgage, a car loan, and credit card debt. They were stressed out and living paycheck to paycheck. While counseling them, we first went to Scripture. I explained the verse in Proverbs 22:7 – “the borrower is slave to […]

$11/hour Millionaire

Have you ever dreamed of having a million dollars in the bank? Well, you can, even if you make $11 an hour!! One of my favorite stories of stewardship is about a man named Paul Navone. He started working when he was 16 years old, and throughout his entire life, never worked a job that […]

A Savings Mindset

I remember teaching each of my 4 sons how to ski. For awhile, they couldn’t control their skis and kept crashing. So I had to show them that the direction their shoulders were pointed would determine the direction their skis would go……mainly away from the trees and other people!! You may feel the same way […]

Christmas Credit Card Debt

What was the best gift you gave someone this year? There is such joy in giving good gifts, but that joy can turn into stress – or even regret – when you receive that first credit card statement. If you overspent, or you’re nervous about getting your credit card statement, listen! You don’t have to […]

Stewardship in the New Year

What’s your New Year’s resolution? A lot of people want to improve their finances this year! Improving your finances is a great goal, but the most important thing is to remember that you’re God’s steward – a manager of everything that he has given you. Pslam 24:1 says, The earth is the Lord’s, and everything […]

What To Do With Unwanted Gifts

Did you get any of those “well-intended”, but not exactly “what you wanted” kind of gifts this Christmas? I’ve certainly received my fair share of unwanted Christmas gifts! I mean, I’m sure someone was dying to own that 2018 cat calendar, but not me! So now that the holiday craze is calming down, what do […]

Commonly Broken Resolutions

Have you resolved to lose weight, eat healthier, get out debt or save more money this year? These are among the most commonly made resolutions….but they’re also the most commonly broken! We all start the new year off with great intentions and visions of how we’ll do better this year. And then…well… February arrives and […]

New Year’s Commitment

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2018?! As we begin the new year, most of us will “resolve” to be more organized, adopt a healthier lifestyle, and improve our finances. You know, “new year, new me”. These are all great goals, but if we’re honest, most of us give up by March or […]

Rest and Reset

Are you exhausted? It seems like this time of the year, we let out a collective sigh of relief….that maybe turns into a long nap.  God doesn’t want you to be stressed out and exhausted. He says in Matthew that he will give us rest when we come to him! God designed us to take […]

The Christmas Slump

It’s kind of sad when Christmas is over! The presents have been given, the food has been eaten, and the light-up reindeer has to go back in the attic. Well, if you’re in the Christmas slump, I want to encourage you with this verse from Isaiah: “Behold, I am doing a new thing;   now it […]

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