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Using Credit Cards the Right Way

One time in college, Kristi made a big mistake with her credit card. She knew better, but didn’t think the one big splurge would lead to years of interest charges.. Ever since that experience, she lives by simple rules for her credit cards. Kristi keeps a strict rule that in order to use her credit […]

It All Goes Back in the Box

My family loves board games! Some of our favorite memories have included the six of us huddled around a Monopoly board, in friendly, fierce, competition, all hoping to score Boardwalk and Park Place without going to directly to jail.   Our Monopoly games were intense !! But it always ended the same. Regardless of who […]

What Does Financial Bondage Feel Like?

Anxiety, fatigue, and according to her family, irritability. Those were the symptoms Stephanie started experiencing when once again, they weren’t sure if they could make it to the end of the month. Financial stress is painful. It can take a toll on your body, your mind, and your emotions. It can affect your family and […]

Prepared for Surprise Expenses

  I am always amazed at new moms. The number of items they have to carry around everyday astonishes me!! They’re ready for anything. Well just like these new moms are prepared – no matter what – we also need to make plans for those surprise expenses that seem to come out of nowhere. You […]

Proper Planning

Who is the best planner you know?  Someone who probably makes a list for everything, may have a color-coordinated planner, and is more than likely always on time. My wife says the best planner she knows is Meredith. She’s convinced Meredith  somehow gets more hours in her day than the rest of us, because she […]

Comparing Lifestyles

Shannon was just sitting in the carpool line, scrolling through her social media, admiring these bloggers’ picture-perfect lives when she realized it was happening again. Her bad attitude was creeping up to the surface. This wasn’t the first time Shannon had caught herself in this trap.  A few weeks ago, she picked a fight with her […]

Millennials Finance Everything

Annie and her husband were DYING to go to a concert this fall. It was their favorite artist, at their favorite venue, and they just wanted to do something to celebrate their 6-month wedding anniversary. They didn’t have enough money to pay for the tickets, so, they just put  them on a credit card. It […]

Five Dollar Budgeting Challenge

One of my all time favorite money stories is about a little way to save a lot. The story is about a woman who decided to save every five dollar bill she touched. It took awhile for her to get into the habit, but once she did, it actually became kinda fun! She used an all-cash […]

Create a Christmas Budget

Have you seen all the Christmas decor already on the shelves at stores?! Even with the anticipation of the holiday season, I refuse to listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.     Well, I’ll let you decide on when to start the Christmas music….but you should not wait to start your Christmas budget. Now…I […]

Take a Vacation You Can Afford

  Michelle LOVED to go on vacations.! It wasn’t unusual for her to go to DisneyLand in the summer, on an Alaskan cruise in the fall, and somewhere in the Caribbean for winter. The only problem was, she couldn’t afford it! On average, Michelle took on about $1,00 of debt for each vacation sAnd sadly, most […]

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