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Write Companies – Cliff Bar Story

Ever been disappointed in a purchase? My wife, Ann, regularly buys Cliff Bars. Recently she discovered numerous bars that were abnormally small. Instead of returning them to the retailer, she went directly to Cliff Bars. Ann mailed an unopened bar to customer service. She enclosed a letter explaining that we’re regular customers, but this last […]

Avoid Robinhood App Mistakes

You can increase giving through wise investing. ‘Robinhood’ is a free-trading app that doesn’t charge commissions or fees. It appeals to mobile users with a median age of 30, but let me give you two warnings: don’t borrow money to invest and don’t invest in anything that you don’t understand. Borrowing money as part of […]

Prioritize to Plan for Worst Case Scenario

It’s always wise to improve your savings!  A year ago, many of us were making plans for 2020 without any thought of a major pandemic or economic tsunami. Those with adequate emergency savings could cover their expenses when incomes dropped or jobs were lost. Priorities affect saving, especially when preparing for a worst-case scenario. What […]

Crazy Money Day – Oil Deal Gone Bad

It’s Crazy Money Day! In 1980, Tom Hunter claimed an angel revealed the location of oil where none had ever been discovered. He raised the money to drill by convincing many Christians to invest. Some borrowed against their homes. One elderly couple risked their entire life savings. Know where I’m going? You guessed it. The […]

Finding Investment Balance

If you’re an investor, have you set clear goals? In the Parable of the Talents, God gave to the stewards according to their abilities. Each was rewarded or punished according to his faithful stewardship. There’s a difference between investment performance and investment purpose. Performance varies with knowledge and skill or factors often beyond our control. […]

Focus on What You Own

Is your financial house built on sand? I’ve counseled people with significant assets who were wiped out during economic downturns. Things looked great on paper, but their lifestyles were highly leveraged with debt. When interest rates rose and the economy tightened, they couldn’t keep up with payments. They lost everything, including their homes. Highly leveraged […]

Get Out of Debt and Give

Getting out of debt grants freedom to be more generous. Determine the first debt you want to pay off. Choose one with high-interest or the one that troubles you the most. Next, select a realistic date to pay it off and share your desire with someone who will hold you accountable. Adjust your lifestyle and […]

Savings Day – Covid Impacts Saving

I have money-saving tips for you! Some of you are saving like crazy because you’re eating out less, driving less, and making lifestyle changes as a result of Covid-19. Others of you can’t save due to furloughs, reduced hours, or layoffs. If you’ve squeezed your budget as tightly as you can, then negotiate your bills. […]

Crazy Money Day – Pastor Ponzi Scheme

It’s Crazy Money Day! On July 27th, U.S. authorities charged three Maryland men with wire fraud and money laundering in a $28 million Ponzi scheme. Posing as pastors concerned about peoples’ financial freedom, they defrauded people through a program called “First Million”, a wealth management and financial literacy firm that guaranteed monthly rates of return […]

‘Work From Home’ Burnout

Feeling burned out? Finding balance is tough when working from home. We know the importance of healthy eating, exercise, time off, and sleep. In April, the Harvard Business Review published “3 Tips to Avoid ‘Work From Home’ Burnout.” The authors report the importance of drawing lines between our professional and personal lives  – and they […]