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Savings Day – Sweeter Days

It Build Your Savings day! When one of our sons was in Ranger School, a note from my wife, Ann encouraged him to press on. It was tough, but he clung to her reminder that sweeter days were coming. It’s easy to get discouraged over finances. God wants us to cling to His promises  like […]

Crazy Money Day – Some Good News

It’s Crazy Money Day! John Krasinski came up with a podcast idea that was launched during the coronavirus. Self-financed and self-produced, Some Good News became a viral sensation with over 2 and a half million subscribers. In May, the series was licensed to ViacomCBS after a massive bidding war. There it’s being rebranded and Krasinski […]

The True Cost of Pets

Thinking of getting a pet? The American Kennel Club says the average lifetime cost of raising a dog: $23,000. Indoor cats: eight to eleven thousand dollars. Now, I’m not against pets. They provide protection, teach children responsibility, and are great companions. There are just a number of expenses to consider besides the cost of purchase […]

4C’s of Finding a Job

Are you in the job market? Well, you’re not alone! Millions of people are out of work! The Undercover Recruiter offers 3 Cs to getting the kind of job you want and earning the kind of money you desire. They are contacts, credibility, and competence. Contacts are the people you know: family, friends, and friends […]

Mortgage Forbearance

Is your Mortgage in forbearance? At the end of May, more than 4 million homeowners were in forbearance. Under the CARES Act, borrowers with federally-backed home loans can skip or make reduced payments for 12 months, and there are several options for repayment. A payment deferral modification adds the balance due to the end of […]

Savings Day – Move

It’s Build Your Savings Day! One of the quickest ways to save money is one that may surprise you. Are you ready? Move! Yes, move! Are you tired of the high cost of housing? Do you want to trade long commutes for a higher quality of life? Check out CNN Money’s cost of living calculator […]

Signs of Financial Instability

Are you financially unstable? A recent survey revealed that 63% of those employed before the pandemic lived paycheck to paycheck. When job loss occurred, financial instability reared its ugly head. Perhaps you know the pain. • You’re stressed out and losing sleep. • You don’t have an emergency fund. • You’re maxed out on your […]

Giving: A Remedy for Temptation

One in five of us are spending more money than ever. A recent survey revealed that a third of Americans made impulse purchases to cope with the stress of the coronavirus. Some went a thousand dollars or more over budget. Impulse buying grants a feeling of control and wellness amidst fear and uncertainty, but it also […]

Savings Day – Dollar Diet and Rounding Up

It’s Build Your Savings Day! Use the “dollar diet” method of depositing money that you don’t spend each week. As your savings grow, I hope you’re gaining confidence and motivation to find other ways to cut spending and to put more in savings.  Here’s another tip. When making deposits, round up to the next ten […]

Stimulus Checks for the Deceased

It’s Crazy Money Day! The IRS sent nearly 90 million stimulus checks to people who filed taxes in 2018 or ’19. A Georgia woman received one made out to her and her brother who died in 2018. The check even says that he’s deceased! A provision in the ‘CARES’ act says that if you were […]

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