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Avoid Voluntary Servitude

The “borrower is a slave to the lender.” Many people voluntarily embrace financial servitude by increasing their standard of living using debt. Then debt consumes their thoughts. They worry about paying it off and stress themselves trying to make ends meet. Some experience shame from hiding it. The deeper the debt, the more like a […]

Checking Account Distribution

 Make giving your top financial priority. To grow in your generosity open a giving fund. Have your income deposited into a checking account. Then regularly disperse that money into other accounts like a bill-paying account, emergency fund, savings account, and a giving fund. Distributing that money lessens the temptation to spend it. Out of sight […]

Savings Day – No Debt Christmas – No Interest

Eliminate interest payments to save more. At the end of October, credit card interest rates were around 16%. Now, that’s crazy. One way to build savings is to stop paying credit card interest each month. How? You start paying off your cards in full. Every month. You think that’s impossible? Just pick a method and […]

Crazy Money Day – Black Friday

It’s Crazy Money Day! Today is Black Friday and we know from the past how crazy it can get. So let’s put things in perspective. The prophet Haggai was sent to bring an important message to the people of Judah. He said: “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, declares the Lord of […]

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a one day holiday. The Bible tells us to remember the work of the Lord. Let’s make it our daily practice. In Psalm 77 it says: “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your wonders of old. I will ponder all your work, and meditate on your mighty […]

Refinancing Tips

Refinancing can save you lots of money. Many are refinancing in order to save thousands of dollars in interest. Compare annual percentage rates among reputable lenders. I like If you can reduce your existing rate, pick a broker based on their reviews. Compute the time to recover your closing costs then lock into a […]

Give: Tip Generously

Do you enjoy giving? The restaurant and hospitality industry has suffered huge losses with Covid-19. We can show our appreciation for their service by doing business with them and being generous. Tipping is expected for waiters and waitresses. Others who serve you are deserving, as well – like food delivery drivers, parking attendants, and hotel […]

Be Content by Breaking Free of Materialism

Resist overspending during the holidays! Holidays reveal the contrast between the world and the Kingdom of God. Consider the advertising messages. You work hard, you deserve this! Go ahead, splurge a little. You only live once. Spoil the children! A well-decorated home and Pinterest-worthy meal are expected if you’re going to host others. Equating love […]

Tommy Hilfiger’s Home For Sale

It’s Crazy Money Day! Tommy Hilfiger’s estate in Greenwich, CT came on the market for $47 million. It was purchased for $31 million in 2010, then renovated and updated. Many are working on homes during Covid resulting in increased prices for materials and long waits for professional services. According to Remodeling Magazine you’re less likely to […]

Avoid Over-Improving Investment Property

Interested in flipping houses? A nightmare that ‘flipping’ novices encounter is over-improving a property. You can avoid that by pulling up comparables of recent home sales in the area where you plan to sell. Appraisers do this to find the fair market value of homes. That will help you determine how much money you can […]