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Christmas is a time where the world’s ideas come in stark contrast to those of the Kingdom of God. The world  tells you that if you have more money, you’ll be happier. The world tells you that you’re a good parent if you can afford to buy your kids everything on their Christmas list. The […]

Creative, Cheap Christmas Gifts

Christmas traditions can be a fun way to celebrate the birth of our Savior in a special or meaningful way…. But they can also be expensive. I know a family that spends all day opening gifts, and everyone buys everyone something. I’m talking aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents – everybody! It’s not a cheap tradition! So […]

Financially Prepared for Children

Since we have 4 children, my wife and I can tell you that nothing makes you reevaluate your finances more than a new baby! Being financially prepared for children takes a lot of work. I mean, just the amount of stuff you need for a tiny baby is astounding! Not to mention it’s now reported […]

Characteristics of a Faithful Steward

What are the characteristics of a good steward? Someone who budgets, saves, recycles? Shops at Goodwill or is one of those extreme couponers? It’s actually much simpler! A good steward is someone who doesn’t see their own life, money, and possessions as their own. A faithful steward knows that everything they have belongs to God […]

Should I Be Buying American Only?

Ever wondered what the right balance is between being a good citizen and a good steward? Is it better to buy American-made products, or find the lowest cost? Buying American does matter in today’s economy but being a faithful steward matters more. Put another way, even if all your purchases are American-made but you don’t […]

Characteristics of a Faithful Steward

How would you describe a steward? Someone who recycles? Only buys used clothing? Is an extreme couponer? Well, all those things could be characteristics of a steward, but they don’t define one. Yes, a steward has a budget, takes care of God’s creation, and is probably savvy in the way they spend their money. But […]


Ever heard of FOMO? It stands for the “Fear of Missing Out” – and it can cost you a lot of money! We HATE missing out! Especially if we can’t keep up with all the things our friends are doing, or have the latest smartphone, or drive a newer car… But listen…We don’t have to […]

How Do We Live Content Lives?

Contentment, contrary to popular opinion, is not simply being satisfied where you are. I have a better definition. The world would like to tell you that more, bigger, better, faster will make you happy – make you content. But Scripture says the opposite! According to Ecclesiastes 5:10, He who loves money will not be satisfied […]

Treating the Root Cause, Not the Symptoms

Have you ever thought if you could just make a little more money, pay off that debt, or have a big nest egg for retirement, all your money problems would just disappear? Well, none of those things are bad – more income can be a blessing, and getting out of debt and saving for retirement […]

Prepare Your Children Without Enabling

Do you have a multi-generational home? It comes with its challenges, but also with blessings. A third of young adults still live at home according to the U.S. Census Bureau. For many, it’s because they can’t find good jobs, have debt, are saving money, going to college, or have other burdensome expenses. If you are […]

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