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You Need a Budget – Part 3

In every economic circumstance,  you need a budget!   For the last few days, I’ve been sharing budgeting tips from my good friend Steve Brooks at He cites necessary beliefs and behaviors to make a budget work well and he summarized basic Biblical financial principles for us. First, God is the Owner, and we are […]

Crazy Money Day – Pandemic Hoarding

It’s Crazy Money Day! On March 1st, two brothers cleaned out Chattanooga stores of hand sanitizer. Then, one drove across Tennessee and Kentucky filling a U-Haul truck with more. Back home, one brother started listing sanitizer on Amazon. 300 bottles sold out immediately for between $8 and $70 each. He called it “crazy money”. Amazon […]

Prepare For Long-Term Care

Are you prepared for the cost of long-term care? Some 70% of seniors 65 and over will need a form of long-term assistance in their lifetime. It’s not covered by Medicare. You can prepare by building your retirement savings. Maxing out IRAs and 401(k)s while working now will provide needed funds. Grow your health savings […]

What Debt Really Costs You

Ever heard this saying? “Getting out of debt is like eating an elephant…it can only be done one bite at a time.” The Bible never tells us that debt is a sin – but it strongly warns us against it because it can become our Master. Debt costs far more than extra interest charges… it […]

Getting Financially Fit

How would you describe your physical fitness? How about your financial fitness? Did you know there’s a connection? At some point, we’ve probably all had to face that fact that we needed to get in better shape. That includes our bodies and bank accounts! And you know what that means! The D word: Discipline. The […]