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Consequences of Ignoring Your Bills

Have you ever failed to pay a bill? Early in my marriage, I was in charge of paying all the bills. One day, my wife, Ann, was home when the doorbell rang. A city employee notified her that he was shutting off the utilities due to our non-payment status. Shocked, she assured him that there […]

How to Have a Meaningful Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Have you made plans? I love to give. In fact, my natural inclination is to go over the top. My wife tries to keep me in check. Americans spend billions of dollars on this holiday. Consumers were surveyed and chocolate, candy, or food treats took the top spot, followed by […]

Be Encouraged! Budget Coaching Works!

Do you need some encouragement? We at Crown care about your relationship with the Lord and your stewardship of all that He provides. We’ve trained coaches who offer hope in difficult situations. One particular couple went through our budget coaching course. The husband said that he was challenged, convicted, and rewarded. He now knows how […]

Faithfulness with Money and Marriage

Today I’m celebrating 44 years of marriage!  Ann and I met in January of our Junior year of college. We got married in December between semesters. We were young and couldn’t imagine ever having an argument. Well….we’ve had our share of challenges, but through them all, we’ve been faithful. Faithfulness requires dedication to God and […]

Appreciating Your Spouse’s Uniqueness

Does your spouse’s different way of looking at finances – or life in general drive you crazy? Today, Crown’s founder, the late Larry Burkett, tells the story of one couple’s tension-filled trip to a conference, when the husband finally understood the value of his wife’s perspective.   Between now and November 30th, with your gift […]

Others Can Help Us Achieve Financial Goals

Do you think you’ll achieve your financial goals all by yourself?  Many people set financial goals, but they struggle to keep them because they attempt to do it all alone. Solomon offered helpful advice in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. He said, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either […]

Peacemaking Keeps Your Marriage

How’s your marriage doing? The New York Post reports that happily married people live longer, have lower rates of cancer, stroke, and heart attack, and tend to be less stressed overall. Susannah Cahalan wrote that getting divorced can make you sick and even lead to an early death. The average cost of getting divorced is […]

Learning To Compromise

Do you see compromise as a weakness, as a poor solution to any problem or do you see it as a means to build bridges and keep the peace? Too often in our marriages, we look to see who will win the argument vs who is willing to see value in each other’s opinions.  Today, […]

You Need a Financial Plan

Is your financial plan by design or default? You do have a financial plan…don’t you? A solid financial plan helps you fulfill your life purpose and align yourself with Biblical values of prosperity. Satan works overtime to prevent you from planning and discourages couples along the way. Confusion can be thwarted when two people come […]

Discover Your Purpose

Have you bought into the American dream? Are you working as hard as you can, to make as much money as you can, to retire as soon as you can, to entertain yourself as long as you can? Well, that was my interpretation of the American dream, and I was wrong. It led me way […]

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