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Crazy Money Day! Working Overtime

It’s Crazy Money Day! Have you ever had the chance to earn overtime pay? One man did and it sure paid off! In 2015, a janitor at the Bay Area Rapid Transit station grossed $235,000. That was 4 times more than his base pay. Records show that over a 3-year period, he received a total […]

Don’t Fear Economic Cycles

Does a recession strike fear in your heart? If you consistently spend less than you earn you need not fear economic cycles. How is that possible? Well, you either have to earn more money or cut some expenses. Like the Apostle Paul, you can learn to be content in any circumstance, even while sacrificing your […]

Drowning in Debt?

Are you drowning in debt and feeling hopeless?  I want to encourage you. It may take time, but you can begin recovering today by setting a goal of getting debt free. Make up your mind that you don’t want to live this way any longer, then follow a step-by-step plan. Working with people facing this […]

Resolve to Stop Borrowing

Do you have debt and are you living paycheck-to-paycheck? Many people are experiencing economic turmoil. Let me encourage you. There’s a way out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. It boils down to 4 words: resolve to stop borrowing. Scripture clearly indicates that borrowing is not God’s plan for His people. It was never intended to be […]

Lost Income – Don’t Lose Hope!

Need to up your income? If you’ve lost a job or source of income, don’t lose hope. In April, CNBC shared the story of  Graham Cochrane. He lost his job back in 2009 when he was 26. He’d been working 9-5 as an audio engineer while freelancing for indie artists on the side. At 26, […]

Crazy Money – Turo Car Rental

It’s Crazy Money Day!  Turo is a car rental company whose inventory belongs to personal car owners. It’s like an Airbnb for cars. Typically hosts earn $10,000 per vehicle annually after paying a commission for insurance that’s arranged through the company. Most car owners registered with the company offer a vehicle or two, but more […]

Crazy Money Day – Working Overtime

It’s Crazy Money Day! In 2015, a janitor at the Bay Area Rapid Transit station grossed $235,000. That was 4 times more than his base pay. Over a 3-year period, he earned $682,000 in pay and benefits. Now that’s crazy! Imagine if you worked extra hours each week. You could pay down debt, grow an […]

Avoid Cash Advances

Struggling to make it to the end of the month? You need a plan! According to Forbes, some new apps are making it easier for people to get cash advances. Dave, Earnin, and MoneyLion promote a radical change in American financial services. When your paycheck arrives, the apps deduct any money you took out and […]

Creative Ways to Increase Your Income

Megan and Richard are a young couple I know who have been working to pay off debt. They both work full-time but wanted to accelerate their payoff plan, so they came up with a few creative ways to increase their income. Megan worked at a clothing store for a few hours every other weekend to […]