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Financial Limbo

Are you among the 76% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck? Most of us suffer from having money, but no margin..  Let me give you a mental picture to help you get some margin in your life. Have you ever done the limbo?  When we were kids we would play this game to try and […]

Guesswork Budgeting

I’m thinking of a number between one and one thousand. Can you guess what it is? My number was 9…. You probably didn’t  guess the number, because your chances were one in, well….a thousand! But most of us play this guessing game with our finances every day. When you don’t plan, and you don’t budget…’re […]

Creating Family Budget Together – Larry Burkett

Do you and your spouse see eye-to eye when it comes to finances? Crown’s founder, the late Larry Burkett, says that when a couple sits down to create a family budget, their differences can actually be one of their biggest assets. If you want to learn more about aligning your heart and finances with your […]

You Can’t Afford Not to Budget

Marissa HATED budgeting! She used to tell her friends that she didn’t even make enough money to budget!! So why should she have an app or spreadsheet tell her she can’t spend money when she knows she’s broke anyway?! Living paycheck to paycheck like Marissa is STRESSFUL. But do you know the best way to […]

Keep Calm and Budget On

It had just been ONE OF THOSE MONTHS! Kelly had hungry boys to feed after her son’s soccer practices every afternoon, her husband’s car needed a new transmission, and it was time to get her daughter in braces. Have you experienced a month like this? I like to call it “whack-a-mole” budgeting, because it’s like […]

Sandwich Generation

Jennifer has three kids, all still at home and in school. Her parents are getting older and need a little extra help every day. She feels overwhelmed a LOT of the time. Not to mention the financial strain it’s caused her and her husband. We say people like Jennifer are part of the sandwich generation […]