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What Kids Don’t Learn in School

Are your kids headed back to school soon? Here’s one thing they don’t learn in school! Now, I know that the thought of teaching your kids about managing money may sound terrifying. Especially because we’ve all made our own financial mistakes! But let me tell you – it’s worth it. Having those conversations will help […]

How to Develop a Savings Mindset

The first time I taught my sons how to ski was a little bit of a disaster. Lesson one was learning to steer with your shoulders, mainly away from the trees and other people! See, my boys felt out of control until they learned how to point their skis in the right direction. You may feel […]

Tracking Your Spending

Do you know how much you spent on groceries last month? How about on eating out, or entertainment, or gas? Tracking your spending is so important if you want to eliminate the stress in your finances. It’s a great way to develop self-discipline and practice faithful management. And it gets easier the more you do […]

Budgeting on Inconsistent Income

It’s tough to budget on an inconsistent income. If you’re a freelancer, contractor, or part-time worker, you may understand the difficulties. Actor Joey Lawrence certainly does! Actor Joey Lawrence and his wife recently filed for bankruptcy – because they have $400,000 of debt!! At the height of his career, he was making $500,000 a year. […]

Staying on Budget

What’s the most difficult category for you to stick to in your budget? Food? Entertainment? Miscellaneous? We all struggle with different kinds of budget busters. Like budgetary “kryptonite”, they’re things that we push to the limit month after month. A recent study from Varo Money defined these expenses as “guilty pleasures”. 87% of Americans admitted […]

How to Get Started on a Budget

Someone once told me that they thought budgeting was the financial equivalent of eating brussels sprouts. No one likes to do it, but we all know we should!   Well, maybe you can identify with my friend, or maybe you can identify with my wife, who loves both budgeting and brussels sprouts! If you need […]

Paying with Cash

Do you still carry cash in your wallet? It is becoming more and more rare, especially among our tech-savvy Millennials…… but I think using cash holds more value than just a dollar amount. Paying with cash actually helps you save money! It’s been proven time and time again that we spend less when we pay with […]

Budgeting Limbo

When I was a kid, we loved playing the game Limbo. The bar was set at a certain height, and you had to bend backwards and walk under it without knocking it off. Well, that’s kinda like budgeting! The bar you set in limbo is like your income. You have to figure out a way […]