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Crazy Money! Household Debt is Rising

It’s Crazy Money Day! A recent NerdWallet study found that the average household debt has jumped to $165,000. That’s up 8% from the previous year. Even though average student loan debt has dropped slightly, mortgages, auto loans, and overall debt is now up. More and more people are carrying crazy amounts of credit card balances. […]

Crazy Money! The Cost of Credit Card Debt

It’s Crazy Money Day! It’s taking longer to pay off credit card debt. Any gains made with stimulus money have been wiped out by inflation. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says credit card debt is rising at its fastest pace in more than 20 years. Americans now owe approximately $887 billion on their […]

Weed Out Weaknesses

Our small weaknesses can do big damage to our wallets. We’re easily blinded to our weaknesses because our spending is so habitual. Ask the Lord, your spouse, or a friend to help you see them. For some people, it’s the daily food and drink purchases. For others, it’s fashion, fitness gear, exotic vacations, and more. […]

Money and Mental Health

Are you living with financial stress?  A Bankrate article titled: Bad Credit Affects Mental Health, recently caught my eye. Here are some of the things that I learned. Nearly half of all people who have debt problems also have mental health problems. 86% of people with mental health issues said their problems were made worse […]

Escape Credit Card Debt

Are you a financial hostage due to credit card debt?  Some people manage their entire budget around keeping their credit card balances paid down just enough to stay out of trouble. Carrying a large monthly balance on credit cards and paying only the minimum monthly amount creates a debt more expensive than a home mortgage! […]

Drowning in Debt?

Are you drowning in debt and feeling hopeless?  I want to encourage you. It may take time, but you can begin recovering today by setting a goal of getting debt free. Make up your mind that you don’t want to live this way any longer, then follow a step-by-step plan. Working with people facing this […]

Resolve to Stop Borrowing

Do you have debt and are you living paycheck-to-paycheck? Many people are experiencing economic turmoil. Let me encourage you. There’s a way out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. It boils down to 4 words: resolve to stop borrowing. Scripture clearly indicates that borrowing is not God’s plan for His people. It was never intended to be […]

Savings Day – Balance Transfer Card

Are you carrying balances on your credit cards? If you’re carrying balances on high-interest cards, a balance transfer credit card could solve some problems. This is a type of debt consolidation that allows you to move unpaid balances from one card to another. The average balance transfer credit card has a 0% APR for 12 […]

Savings Day – Pay Off Consumer Debt

Want to save more money? Pay off your consumer debt! The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported that consumer debt reached a record high during the 3rd quarter of 2021. Mortgages and auto loans contributed with their significantly higher prices. Now there are two main methods of paying off debt – the ‘debt snowball’ […]

Debt Snowball

Want a plan that’s guaranteed to reduce your financial stress? The interest you pay on borrowed money may be the biggest expense in your budget and the biggest source of your financial stress, but it doesn’t have to be this way. To escape the constant pressure of financial stress, get out of debt using the […]

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