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Resolve to Stop Borrowing

Do you have debt and are you living paycheck-to-paycheck? Many people are experiencing economic turmoil. Let me encourage you. There’s a way out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. It boils down to 4 words: resolve to stop borrowing. Scripture clearly indicates that borrowing is not God’s plan for His people. It was never intended to be […]

Savings Day – Balance Transfer Card

Are you carrying balances on your credit cards? If you’re carrying balances on high-interest cards, a balance transfer credit card could solve some problems. This is a type of debt consolidation that allows you to move unpaid balances from one card to another. The average balance transfer credit card has a 0% APR for 12 […]

Savings Day – Pay Off Consumer Debt

Want to save more money? Pay off your consumer debt! The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported that consumer debt reached a record high during the 3rd quarter of 2021. Mortgages and auto loans contributed with their significantly higher prices. Now there are two main methods of paying off debt – the ‘debt snowball’ […]

Debt Snowball

Want a plan that’s guaranteed to reduce your financial stress? The interest you pay on borrowed money may be the biggest expense in your budget and the biggest source of your financial stress, but it doesn’t have to be this way. To escape the constant pressure of financial stress, get out of debt using the […]

A Simple Formula for Becoming Debt Free

If you find yourself deeply in debt, you may feel like you’ll never get out of the hole, but there’s still hope! Today, Crown’s founder, the late Larry Burkett, relates how faithfulness in re-paying debt can have surprising results.   In my new book Seven Gray Swans, I describe potentially significant events that you need […]

Making A Vow To Become Debt Free

A lot of people would like to be debt-free, but only a few are willing to go to the next step.  Today, Crown’s founder, Larry Burkett, talks about turning a desire into a promise.   If you’re struggling with credit card debt, I recommend Christian Credit Counselors. They’ll create a debt management plan that works […]

Savings Day – Avoid These Common Mistakes

If you want to grow your savings account, learn to avoid some common mistakes. According to, people lose financial progress when making the following mistakes. The first is having too many goals. It’s overwhelming. So, start simple. Focus on 1 or 2 things for a month or quarter, like building your emergency fund or […]

Can You Save Money by Transferring Debt?

Are you carrying credit card debt? The average credit card debt in America is $5,300. In 2019, it was $6,200. Hopefully, people are wising up to the financial damage of high-interest rates on debt. Covid has impacted spending, and maybe stimulus checks are being applied towards debt. Many think a balance transfer card will solve […]

Creating a Debt Payback Plan

If you’re in debt, it’s tempting to think that simply borrowing just a little more will solve your problem. Today Crown’s founder, Larry Burkett, says that becoming debt-free actually takes a lot of work!   If you’re struggling with credit card debt, and unable to give as you desire, I recommend Christian Credit Counselors. They […]

Pay Off Debt – Improve Your Credit Score

Want to reduce debt in the new year? The average millennial carries nearly $5,000 in credit card debt. So, the decision to pay it down has a significant financial impact. You avoid the cost of high interest that accrues when carrying a balance on your card month after month. Reducing your credit utilization rate boosts […]

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