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Paying Off a Mortgage

Want to pay off your mortgage before you retire? If you’ve paid off your mortgage, you know the peace of mind that comes with owning your home, but if you’re in the process of paying yours off early, don’t neglect other financial goals. Pay off your high-interest debt first. Credit cards, payday loans, car loans, […]

Is It Time To Buy a New House?

Is this a good time to buy a house? The housing market appears to be cooling in parts of the nation. High home prices, a doubling in mortgage rates, and economic uncertainty are contributing to slower sales. This is evident in lower listing prices, longer days on the market, and price reductions. There are fewer […]

Is your rent increasing?  Renters worry about having to pay more. Aside from rent-controlled or rent-stabilized apartment units, there’s no limit to how much landlords can raise their rates. Granted, they must stay competitive, and legally, they can’t raise rent as a punishment. A punitive rent increase is grounds for a civil lawsuit. Landlords can […]

Inheriting a Houseful of Stuff

Ever inherited someone’s house and stuff? When a loved one dies, beneficiaries go through their belongings. I’ve heard horror stories of families fighting over worldly possessions. Dismantling a house requires a good plan. Honor the loved one’s final wishes regarding specific items or charitable donations. If the home is sizable, rent a storage unit or […]

Pride Affects Finances

Pride can lead to financial ruin! A friend told me  an interesting story about a home in his gated subdivision. It’s an exclusive place. Homes are rarely on the market. There are strict covenants. Building specifications and floor-plans must be submitted and approved by an architectural committee. Trees are protected and only removed by approval. […]

Are You Over-Housed?

Are you among the over-housed in America? It’s been said that we only use 40% of our living space. Yet, Americans carry high mortgages and the stress of financial burdens. More is not always better. A small home is typically less expensive, easier to maintain and faster to pay off. Over-housing is the concept of […]

Title Lock?

Have you seen those Title Lock ads? They’re designed to create fear.  Title fraud occurs when someone forges your name on a deed and files it with the county courthouse. Using the house as collateral, he or she can borrow money against it. Although rare, it’s a growing crime that targets the elderly or those who […]

Title Insurance

If you’re a homeowner, you need title insurance.  Now there are two types of title insurance: there’s Lender’s and Owner’s. Lender’s title insurance is required by mortgage lenders. It protects your title and the lender from false liens, judgments, errors, omissions or false heirs. It only protects you and your heirs from claims that question […]

DIY Moving Tips

Are you moving this summer? My wife and I have moved a lot, and if a move is on your horizon, I’ve got a few tips for you. Start decluttering now! You’ll have less to pack and move. Go through each room of your home and decide what to keep. Then sell, donate or trash […]

GAP Clause in Real Estate

Are you familiar with the ‘GAP clause’ in real estate? When home prices accelerate quickly, appraisals may not reflect current values. An appraisal gap clause is an addendum to a contract. It confirms that the buyer will cover any difference between a home’s appraised value and their offer. It gives sellers comfort in knowing a […]

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