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Control Your Spending Level

Have you ever thought, “Man, if I could just earn a little more money, life would sure be a lot easier. I could save more, give more, and our finances wouldn’t be so tight all the time. Well, actually, most people have said that at one time or the other. Some go so far as […]

Economic Value of Community

Are you struggling financially? A trusted community is priceless when facing financial pain. They’ll hold up your arms when you’re weary and walk with you through financial challenges. Wise people can help us heal and grow strong. Don’t let pride keep you from moving forward and discovering what God has for you. Collapse yourself upon the […]

Dam or Sprinkler?

Are you a dam or a sprinkler? I once heard that we handle money either like a dam or like a sprinkler. A dam stores up water. Whereas a sprinkler evenly distributes water across an entire area. Perhaps you are a dam, storing up and only allowing the extra to trickle off the top. If […]

Prepare for Hard Times – Abide in Christ

Are you prepared for hard times? We have an enemy who wants to propel us into chaos and utter darkness. If Christians aren’t strong enough, a major crisis could collapse us into a modern Dark Age where the church is weak and void of salt. However, if we’re prepared, Christians can shine the brightest in […]

Forgiveness and Finances

Getting ripped off financially can leave lasting scars.   If you’ve ever lost money through deceit or fraud , you may have lost far more than your finances. Bitterness in the heart is like a backpack full of heavy rocks and stones. To relieve yourself of the misery you have to forgive. Only then is the […]

It’s Crazy Money Day! Have you seen The Chosen? It’s the highly successful television series about the men and women who knew Jesus. Making a quality movie is expensive. I discovered that when making our God Provides Series. The beautiful thing about The Chosen is that season one was funded by more than 16,000 people who […]

Trapped by Brands

Have luxuries become necessities for you? Satan never wants you to be happy with equality. He wants you trapped in comparisons that lead you to buy “top-of-the-line” brands, things that make you appear slightly better than those with lesser brands. It can put you on a treadmill that demands higher and higher levels of spending. […]

Know Who You’re Giving To

God’s Word is clear that we’re to be cheerful, generous givers, ready to help those in need around us, but we’re also told to give wisely.  Today, in an excerpt from a live event in the 1980’s, Crown’s founder, the Larry Burkett discovered one organization that had all the support they could ever need!   […]


Do you consider yourself to be greedy?  Most people don’t get up in the morning and say, “I’m going to indulge myself today.” No, this kind of attitude is deceitfully subtle. An indulgence is almost always rationalized as being a need. Consider how many expensive pieces of exercise equipment have been purchased with the best […]

Are You An Embezzler?

Do you acknowledge God’s blessings? It’s impossible to be in fellowship with the Lord when we’ve forgotten Him in our hearts. If we give credit for our prosperity to anything but Him and we have a possessive attitude about money, we don’t understand who our true Provider is. God designed a system of economics in […]

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