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Car Warranty Offers

I hate getting threatened with advertisements that create fear.  I recently purchased a couple of used cars. For three solid months I received notices in the mail like this: “FINAL NOTICE! This letter is to inform you that if your factory warranty has expired, you’ll be financially liable for all repairs.” Uh…duh. I realize that. […]

Saving Day – Pack Your Lunch

Do you have the post-Christmas blues? We’re here to help because it’s Build Your Savings Day!  Savers are planners. They make sacrifices to reach their goals, and savings outweigh the forfeit of temporary pleasures. You just have to keep doing it long enough to see the benefit! The key is spending less than you make. […]

$120,000 Debt Paid Off

It’s Crazy Money Day, and today we’ll see how a young couple paid off a mountain of debt in under 3 years! Quenton and Marchelle Ross had $120,000 in combined student loan debt, and it was a huge burden.  So, they got serious. Quenton said they cut back wasteful spending, going out to eat, buying […]

New Year’s Day – 2020 Vision

Happy New Year! 2020 is a term that doctors use for clear vision. Now I hope you clearly see what God can do in your finances this year. I don’t know anyone starting this year with a desire for more debt, more financial pain, or stress. In fact, recent surveys show that 1/3 of all […]

$160,000 in Student Loans Forgiven

It’s Crazy Money Day! And today we’re featuring a couple from Auburn, Alabama whose Christmas will be especially sweet! Somer Givens and her husband Trent both have jobs in public service.  Together they had $161,000 in federal student loans. Some years ago, Trent switched to a new loan servicer. Five years later, he discovered all […]

Frugal Date Night Ideas

Do you remember your first date? What do you think it cost? The first date I had with my wife, Ann was over a Coke. We went to a Christian college and coke dates were “the thing”. Coke and conversation. Simple as that. Today the average cost of a date is around $100! But, here’s […]

Don’t Die in Debt

God has an exit plan for each of us. We just don’t know when or how. Are you financially prepared? Undisciplined spending causes serious issues that can last a lifetime – and beyond. Aside from catastrophes that lead to debt, many elderly Americans are financially trapped by their poor planning.  pleasures they pursued in this […]

Consider a Crisis Budget

Ever had a financial crisis? They happen! Emergencies happen and they affect our finances. Last month, my wife’s 12-year-old van needed $1,400 of work. That’s minor compared to replacing a car, a roof, the loss of a job, a physical injury, legal issues or debt problems. When the unexpected happens, a crisis budget is crucial. […]

The Importance of Saving

Are you a saver? Benjamin Franklin was. He said, “If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.” Franklin knew that what you save is just as important as what you earn. The Bible teaches that too, which is why Christians should practice saving money on a regular basis. This includes those who are in […]

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