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Should I Give or Get Out of Debt?

Have you ever been faced with the decision to either give or get out of debt? It’s not an uncommon dilemma, and I have some advice that’ll help. As stewards, we have to understand that God owns it all. We are just His managers. So with that mindset, I’d encourage you to start giving while […]

Hitting Rock Bottom In Your Finances

Have you ever hit rock bottom with your finances? Maybe it was a divorce, filing for bankruptcy, or losing a business that made you hit rock bottom. Brokenness makes us depend completely on God because we have nothing left. It’s extremely tough when you’re in the middle of it, but the Bible says there is […]

Success in Saving is Having a Plan

Ever feel like you’re on the edge of the financial cliff? Just one more gust of wind could knock you right off the ledge? In order to get off the ledge, you have to save. And in order to save, you need a plan.   A plan helps you spend money on purpose! Simply having […]

Long-Term Habits Over Short-Term Debt Relief

If you’ve ever been in debt, you know the enormous burden it can cause. It feels like you’d give anything to just have it off your chest! But short-term debt relief is not the answer! Of course you should pay off debt as fast as you can, but if you don’t develop the right long-term habits, […]

Treating Symptoms vs Problems

Would you try to fix a broken leg with a band aid? How about stopping a fire by hiding all your matches? Treating the symptoms instead of the problem will never work! All too often we only treat the symptoms of our financial problems instead of getting to the root cause. Creating a budget, accepting […]

Saving Your Way Out of Debt

It may sound backward, but if you want to get out of debt, you need to start by saving. Think about how you got into debt in the first place – you didn’t have cash to cover an expense. By saving, you won’t need to depend on credit to cover your expenses. You can pay […]

What Your Debt is Really Costing You

Are you trying to pay off your debt? It can feel so massive and overwhelming, but just remember, you have to do it one bite at a time. Hi, this is Chuck Bentley with My Money Life from Crown. Paying off debt as quickly as possible is critically important to our journeys as faithful stewards. […]

Paying Off Student Loans

Student loans have reached the 1.4 trillion-dollar mark. It’s a debt that can set young adults back financially for decades. Decades! Hi, this is Chuck Bentley with My Money Life from Crown. Many of our listeners or their children are burdened with student loan debt. The key to paying it off quickly is to live […]

What Debt Really Costs You

Ever heard this saying? “Getting out of debt is like eating an elephant…it can only be done one bite at a time.” The Bible never tells us that debt is a sin – but it strongly warns us against it because it can become our Master. Debt costs far more than extra interest charges… it […]