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Inheriting a Houseful of Stuff

Ever inherited someone’s house and stuff? When a loved one dies, beneficiaries go through their belongings. I’ve heard horror stories of families fighting over worldly possessions. Dismantling a house requires a good plan. Honor the loved one’s final wishes regarding specific items or charitable donations. If the home is sizable, rent a storage unit or […]

Swedish Death Cleaning

Have you heard of Swedish death cleaning? Well Swedish death cleaning is a method of decluttering that’s growing in popularity. The goal is to rid your home of clutter and unnecessary belongings so that at death, your family has fewer things to deal with. It’s an extreme form of minimalism where you eliminate things you […]

Protect Your Identity

Are you actively protecting your identity? Last November, Ann and I cleared out boxes and boxes of paperwork. There was so much that it would have taken days to shred. So I hauled it out back and burned it. We have a dependable paper shredder that I bought at Costco. It has a cross-cut design […]

Empty Your Storage Unit and Save $

Do you need extra money this month? Empty your storage unit! We have way too much stuff and we pay too much to store it. Now that’s a problem! Go Banking Rates reports that nearly 10% of U.S. households rent a self-storage unit. They pay an average of $89 a month. Now that adds up […]

Unemployment Benefits & Taxes

Have you received unemployment benefits this year? The IRS counts unemployment benefits as taxable income. There are three ways to prepare now and avoid a painful surprise next April. Elect to withhold 10% of your unemployment compensation by filling out IRS Form W-4V. It will withhold that amount in future benefits but it’s not retroactive. […]

Will and Trust Planning

Planning a vacation? One in five Americans spend more time planning their vacations than managing their finances. Research reveals that the majority of estates lose assets and family harmony because heirs weren’t properly prepared beforehand. Remember to communicate some vital information. First, the location of important documents and the contact information for your attorney, accountant, […]

Overdraft and ATM fees

Americans pay billions of dollars in bank fees and penalties. A banking error can be expensive. Just because your ATM shows a balance doesn’t mean it’s right. Sometimes checks or transactions simply haven’t cleared. reports that overdraft fees average $33. That’s why it’s important to keep a current balance. Now if you overdraw, make […]

The Example Of The Ant

It’s Crazy Money Day, and our lesson today comes from…the ant. Did you know the Bible commends certain creatures? We’re even told to consider one – the tiny little ant. They carry objects fifty times their body weight. Some use their heads to plug holes and block intruders. Some build super colonies that stretch thousands […]

Treating the Root Cause, Not the Symptoms

Have you ever thought if you could just make a little more money, pay off that debt, or have a big nest egg for retirement, all your money problems would just disappear? Well, none of those things are bad – more income can be a blessing, and getting out of debt and saving for retirement […]

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