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Alternatives to Worry

Worrying about money is an epidemic. But worrying changes nothing. In fact, it is sin. Jesus tells us In Matthew 6 not to worry about anything. But Americans are REALLY stressed over their bank accounts! In fact, a new study from reveals that 65% are losing sleep because of their financial state. The most […]

Looking for a New Job

Looking for a new job? Working as unto the Lord includes preparing for an interview. Viewing work as an opportunity to glorify Him should motivate us to prepare well for an interview in the hopes of being remembered at hiring time. Consider these tips for making a great impression at your first interview: Eye contact, […]

Looking For Your Dream Job

Are you looking for your dream job? Dr. Ben Carson says, “Through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God, you can live your dreams.” A career is a good fit when your skills, interests, and personality find alignment. But you also need to align your values with a company’s culture where you hope to […]

Job Satisfaction

Are you satisfied in your job? Many people lack contentment at their place of work. Other than major problems, it’s possible they’re focusing on what the job does not offer rather than the good it gives. I’ve got 5 tips from Joseph Rhea at the Gospel Coalition to help put the joy back in your […]

Recovering From Failure

Have you ever failed? I mean, really failed? You know, that sickening feeling when you realize you’ve missed the mark, made a huge mistake, or gone just a little too far. No wonder it’s one of our greatest fears. You want to know what my biggest financial failure was? I became successful in the eyes […]

Avoiding Financial Temptation

Paul taught Timothy that those who want to get rich fall into temptation and snares. Paul knew the heart of man. Like the world, Christians rationalize indulgence. Our affluence has distorted our priorities and we compromise truth in the deception of self-fulfillment. Vanna White, the letter spinner on Wheel of Fortune, recently admitted regretting a […]

Cheated by Pride

Andrew Murray said, “Pride must die in you, or nothing of heaven can live in you.” Pride is a spiritual stronghold; a tool of the enemy used to set itself up against the knowledge of God. It controls, it entangles, and renders believers ineffective in their witness. Beth Moore addressed it in her book Praying […]

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