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Be Encouraged! Wisdom to Handle Finances

Do you need financial help? When facing problems, it’s tempting to seek the help of family, friends, or programs, but we should first seek God’s wisdom. It unlocks all the doors. God’s Word says that if we trust Him and ask for it,  He’ll give us wisdom liberally and without reproach, but can God’s wisdom […]

Choose Your Hard and Let’s Go!

What hard thing are you choosing right now? Giving up Smoking is hard, but having Cancer is also hard. Marriage is often hard, but divorce is also hard. Fitness is hard, but obesity is also hard. Forgiveness is hard, but broken relationships are also hard. Saving money is hard, but financial stress is also hard. […]

Life is About More Than Earthly Possessions

Who do you truly follow? Today, people around the world follow social media posts. We’re easily influenced by Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok or Facebook. We seek the admiration and acceptance of the world and end up spending like others – burdened with debt. Our foolish desires lead us astray. Paul said in   1 […]

God is Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! In his book, Trusting God, Jerry Bridges wrote, and I quote: “When John said that God showed His love by sending his Son, he was saying God showed His love by meeting our greatest need – a need so great that no other need can even come close to it in comparison. […]

I Don’t Believe in Luck

I don’t believe in luck – good or bad! Proverbs 24:3-4 says, “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” God wants us to rely on the minds He’s given us. Minds to think His way. Minds that He can […]

How To Be Content

Are you content right now? Do you think having more, bigger, or better will bring you joy? I want you to think again. True joy is not found in what you can buy, but we have an enemy – the Deceiver. He will try to convince you to spend money on things that will never […]

A $10,000 Refund Out of the Blue

Do you need financial encouragement? I love hearing how God works in seemingly hopeless situations. A woman came to Crown for help during a period of great uncertainty. She abandoned herself to the Lord’s care, taking Matthew 6 literally. Rather than worrying about her life, she rested on the promise that God feeds the birds […]

Crazy Money! Holtz Leather

It’s Crazy Money Day! 25 years ago, Rick and Coleen Holtz got married as teenagers. Their goals? Own a business and have a big family. The Lord shaped their hearts through hardship. Over a period of 5 years, they lost a business, a home, and had their cars repossessed. Through extreme humbling, God taught them […]

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