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Economic Value of Community

Are you struggling financially? A trusted community is priceless when facing financial pain. They’ll hold up your arms when you’re weary and walk with you through financial challenges. Wise people can help us heal and grow strong. Don’t let pride keep you from moving forward and discovering what God has for you. Collapse yourself upon the […]

Single Moms Need Community

Nearly one third of single moms live in poverty. I highly respect moms who work hard to free themselves from government assistance and provide for their children. Single moms share common problems: limited resources, limited time, and limited community that they can trust. Some are rejected by their own family because they chose to have […]

Lost Income – Don’t Lose Hope!

Need to up your income? If you’ve lost a job or source of income, don’t lose hope. In April, CNBC shared the story of  Graham Cochrane. He lost his job back in 2009 when he was 26. He’d been working 9-5 as an audio engineer while freelancing for indie artists on the side. At 26, […]

Responding to Loss

How God’s people respond to a financial loss should be very different than how the world responds to a loss. We learn a lot about ourselves when it happens. Today, Crown’ founder, the late Larry Burkett, tells the story of a successful real estate developer who lost everything during an economic downturn in the 70’s. […]

Crazy Money! Golf Pro Scottie Scheffler

It’s Crazy Money Day! It’s been said that Scottie Scheffler had a perfect golf swing at the age of 5. Early in the mornings, before sunrise, young Scottie and his 3 sisters would get up to hit golf balls while their dad held a flashlight. When the family moved to Highland Park, Texas, Scottie continued […]

Crazy Money! Coach Griff Aldrich’s Priorities

It’s Crazy Money Day! Griff Aldrich had a successful career in law and private equity, but loved basketball.  He founded “HIS Hoops” – a youth program in Houston’s Third Ward, one of the poorest in the city. Aldrich was a consistent father figure in the lives of kids who came after school for reading, math, […]

Fasting Over Finances

Ever fasted over your finances? Fasting enables you to take your eyes off the things of this world so you can focus on the Lord. The Bible addresses fasting for repentance, sorrow, deliverance, guidance and help. There are different types including fasting from foods, drinks or certain activities. Done in humility and not to show […]

Four Things to Remember in Volatile Times

Are you uneasy about the stock market? Ron Blue Trust of Houston, TX advises us to remember 4 things during volatile markets.  First, God is in control. Our hope rests in Him, not the accumulation of money and assets. 1 Timothy 6:17 says, “Instruct those who are rich in the present age not to be conceited […]

Trusting God For a Vacation

What do you do when you need a vacation, but there’s no money? Put it on a credit card? Stay home? Well Crown’s founder, Larry Burkett, offers a better idea…   If you’ve been blessed with My MoneyLife, I invite you to discover the Crown Stewardship Podcasts. They focus on helping you find freedom in […]

Prepare for Hard Times – Abide in Christ

Are you prepared for hard times? We have an enemy who wants to propel us into chaos and utter darkness. If Christians aren’t strong enough, a major crisis could collapse us into a modern Dark Age where the church is weak and void of salt. However, if we’re prepared, Christians can shine the brightest in […]

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