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Success In Savings Is Having A Plan

My son, John, recently totaled his car. Thankfully he was not injured. Although the car was a total loss he learned first hand about the value of having a savings account. John was taught to save from an early age. He used the giving, saving and spending method every time he earned money. So, when […]

Saving Money

Are you a saver or a spender? Is their precious treasure and oil in your dwelling, or do you just devour it? If you haven’t saved money in the past, start now by setting money aside for emergencies. Your first goal should be a $1,000 emergency fund so you can pay cash for unplanned expenses. […]

Money Myth 3: Using Credit Card for Emergencies

Do you have an “emergency credit card”? Well, how about instead, build an “emergency savings account”?! It’s become very normal for us to rely on credit cards for emergencies. But this doesn’t actually make any sense. You’re just delaying the responsibility of paying for the expense….and indebting yourself to someone else. The expense will also […]

Make Savings Automatic

Only 39% of people surveyed at could cover an unexpected $1,000 expense with money from savings. Could you? A recent Census Bureau report revealed that in 2016, medical expenses plunged 10.5 million people below the poverty line. What can be done? First, always carry health insurance. Next, build an emergency fund. If you don’t […]

7 Rules for Riches – Emergency Savings Account

Do you like surprises? Or, maybe I should say, are you ready for them – those surprise expenses that catch you off-guard! Unexpected costs are inevitable in life. A year ago, a reported 6 in 10 Americans didn’t have enough money to cover a $500 unplanned expense. This is crazy! An emergency fund is for […]

A Savings Lesson from Jojo Gaines

It’s hard to imagine TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines having money problems. Their hit TV show, Fixer Upper, has been the most successful on it’s network ever. But Joanna says she learned a major financial lessons years ago. Early on she learned the importance of having a savings account when she had to empty […]

Emergency Savings

Brandon’s car wreck was a total accident, but unfortunately it was his fault! Though the other car was fine, his car was a mess. It was going to be expensive to repair the car after the accident. But there was some good news…. Brandon had an emergency savings account! He had been trying to be […]

Prepared for Surprise Expenses

  I am always amazed at new moms. The number of items they have to carry around everyday astonishes me!! They’re ready for anything. Well just like these new moms are prepared – no matter what – we also need to make plans for those surprise expenses that seem to come out of nowhere. You […]

An Emergency Savings Fund

How has your summer been so far? Everything going according to plan? Well, if your summer is going anything like mine, you may have a kid with a broken foot, and a bunch of trees down on your power lines! The truth is, life rarely goes according to our plan. Which is why having a […]

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