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Prepared for Financial Stress in College

  Is your student prepared for the financial stress of college? College is often the first time young people are in control of the majority of their finances. And, many are unprepared. Here’s how you can help. Start by creating a reasonable budget together. Emphasize the dangers of credit cards and how using cash reduces […]

Choosing a College Major

  Artist, John Ruskin once said, “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” Choosing a college major can be an overwhelming and frustrating process for students… Universities have seen a rise in the number of times a student will change majors, trying to find something they are passionate about. Every degree change increases […]

Knowing Your Child’s Design

    Did you know that understanding that your child’s design can actually save you money? Many college freshmen select majors that don’t match their interests. And, if they decide to change their majors it costs extra time and money! Students can feel pressured to select a major before they even know what they want […]

Considering An Internship

  Is it ever a good move to work for free? One of the best ways for students to gain skills, experience, and a network of professionals is to take on an internship. Now, not all of these  are unpaid, but even if there is not compensation, the experience and connections could be well worth […]

Making Smart Choices for College, Part 2

How important is your college degree? A degree is simply the springboard of steps toward a career that ultimately glorifies God. Settling into a career is often a journey not the direct result of a particular major. One job leads to another and God opens doors. Bob Dickie, Crown’s President and author of Love Your […]

Making Smart Choices for College, Part 1

  I have four sons who have all attended, or are attending, college. Higher education is expensive!! College may not be for everyone! But unfortunately, most Americans have taken on debt to pay for school and you may be one of those with outstanding loans. In 2016, the average student graduated owing more than $37,000. […]