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Financial Promises in Proverbs

Did you know the Proverbs help us prepare for economic ups and downs?  I have a close friend who manages his family’s business. In the early ’80s, the business experienced extreme stress. He grew very concerned about the global economic slowdown. His father was considered very wise by all who knew him. He had founded […]

Visa Crypto Sales Exceed $1 Billion

It’s Crazy Money Day! Do you own any cryptocurrencies? Blockchain News reported that Visa Card holders spent over a billion dollars in crypto during the first half of 2021. They’re committed to taking cryptocurrencies mainstream. Visa’s CFO said, “We’re doing a lot to create an ecosystem that makes cryptocurrency more usable and more like any […]

Crazy Money! Unopened Video Game Sells For $$$

It’s Crazy Money Day! Do you have any old, unopened video games laying around? When you hear this, you’ll wish you had! Heritage Auctions in Dallas recently sold an unopened copy of Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda”. It was created in a limited production run in late 1987. The auction price? $870,000! With a price […]

Crazy Money! Real Estate Values

It’s Crazy Money Day! Homes in many parts of the United States have skyrocketed in value.  Newsmax reported that during April, U.S. home prices jumped the most in more than 30 years. The S&P Case-Shiller index of property values climbed nearly 15% from last year. That followed a 13% jump in March – the 11th straight […]

Crazy Money! Hacks and Crypto Scams

It’s Crazy Money Day! Do hacks and crypto scams concern you? They should! $156 million were stolen in online hacks between January and April alone – more than all of 2020. In June, the Federal Trade Commission reported that consumer losses were more than $80 million to crypto-investment scams just since October. Now, wince the […]

Stewardship – DeFi Explained

It’s possible you’ve encountered what’s called Defi. I’ll try to explain it because you need to be aware of it.  Decentralized finance, or Defi, is a system of financial products that bypass traditional banks or brokerages. They’re open to anyone through a public decentralized blockchain network. Proof of identity is unnecessary in transactions between buyers, […]

Modern Monetary Theory Part 2

Business Insider published an article titled the Trouble With Modern Monetary Theory. The article reports that “…the government cannot just spend and spend and spend, or the extra dollars in the system will chase too few goods and drive up prices. I totally agree. It’s important to understand that the government cannot just spend recklessly. […]

PPP Loan Fraud

Fraud erupted when the greedy sought money from the Paycheck Protection Program last year. The PPP was created to help small businesses during Covid, but Tens of thousands of loans went to ineligible businesses. Propublica reported in May that 7 million dollars of Loans went to hundreds of fake farms. Kabbage is an online lending platform. […]

Get Ahead of Inflation

If you’re concerned about inflation, it’s time to get ahead of the problem.  Years ago, my wife and I lived in “tornado alley.” One afternoon, alarms sounded. Clear skies turned dark, the wind howled and serious danger threatened our lives and property! We took swift action and followed safety protocol. Thankfully, the tornado passed over us […]

Rising Gas Prices

Have you noticed the jump in gasoline prices? Industry analysts say prices are up due to higher crude oil costs., says it’s a supply and demand problem. Now that people are moving about, demand has increased. The impact is felt across the economy. Increased transportation costs affect retail prices, public transportation, and the sales […]