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Crazy Money! Beware Bitcoin

It’s Crazy Money Day! Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger openly denigrated cryptocurrencies at this year’s annual  Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting. Buffett said he wouldn’t pay $25 for all the bitcoin in the world. Munger added, “In my life, I try and avoid things that are stupid, evil and make me look bad in comparison to […]

Prep While You Can

Are you financially preparing for the times we’re in?  There’s plenty of reasons to be financially wise these days. There are supply chain issues, inflationary pressures, and the prospect of worldwide food shortages. We don’t know if, when, or how these will affect us. However, taking simple steps today will enable us to confidently face […]

Crazy Money! Joss Paper

It’s Crazy Money Day! What you believe is expressed in your use of money. Several years ago, I was invited to teach in Taiwan. Walking back to my hotel with my hosts, we passed what looked like street vendors along the sidewalk. Every 50 to 100 feet, crouched around a small stove with an open […]

GAP Clause in Real Estate

Are you familiar with the ‘GAP clause’ in real estate? When home prices accelerate quickly, appraisals may not reflect current values. An appraisal gap clause is an addendum to a contract. It confirms that the buyer will cover any difference between a home’s appraised value and their offer. It gives sellers comfort in knowing a […]

Four Things to Remember in Volatile Times

Are you uneasy about the stock market? Ron Blue Trust of Houston, TX advises us to remember 4 things during volatile markets.  First, God is in control. Our hope rests in Him, not the accumulation of money and assets. 1 Timothy 6:17 says, “Instruct those who are rich in the present age not to be conceited […]

Worshiping Idols?

Idolatry comes in many forms… We look at jealousy as a negative characteristic, but with God, it’s a righteous response. He’s the only One worthy of our worship and He told us to have no other gods before him. Most believers would admit that worshiping money or material possessions is unacceptable. Yet, where is our […]

Crazy Money Day! Cost of Shoplifting

It’s Crazy Money Day! Did you hear about the customer who claimed he used to buy groceries once a week with a $20 bill? Not anymore he says… “Those stores have cameras everywhere!” Well, that’s a bad joke!  A 2021 National Retail Security Survey reported that a majority of retailers experienced a rise in organized […]

Savings Day – Your Finances in Changing Times

Do you feel unsettled? In 1975, our founder, the late Larry Burkett wrote his first best-selling book, Your Finances in Changing Times. This foundational work was written before personal computers, mobile phones or electronic banking. Here are a few key excerpts. Quote: “I believe we’re going to see ever intensifying recessionary and inflationary spirals. During […]

Savings Day – Sacrificial Living

Preparation for financial storms requires sacrificial living. Are you familiar with this macro-economic cycle? Economies begin with hard work and discipline which leads to abundance and comfort. This leads to indulgence which ultimately leads to decay and destruction. Then, the cycle repeats itself. God’s Word warns us to be prepared for storms of every kind. […]

Love Your Neighbor

Do you love your neighbor?   Martin Luther once said, “A true Christian lives and labors on earth not for himself but for his neighbor. Therefore the whole spirit of his life compels him to do even that which he needs not do, but which is profitable and necessary for his neighbor.” Did you know that […]

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